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All that glitters jewelry in Sotheby's "Magnificent Jewels" Fair

Diamond and colored gemstone jewels, including a yellow diamond necklace estimated to be worth $2 million to $3 million, have auctioned at Sotheby's "Magnificent Jewels" Fair in New York on April 20, 2010.

This ruby and diamond flower brooch, originally from Van Cleef & Arpels, Paris, in 1967, contains round and baguette diamonds weighing approximately 4.05 carats. The petals are "mystery-set" with calibre-cut rubies, mounted in platinum and 18 karat gold. Van Cleef & Arpels created the mystery setting technique, in which prongs are concealed beneath the gems they hold.

Estimated value: $60,000 to 80,000

This pieces is from the collection of Virginia winemaker and philanthropist Patrcia Kluge, including this platinum, sapphire and diamond ring. The cushion-shaped sapphire, weighing about 21.30 carats, is framed by round and single-cut diamonds weighing about 5.7 carats.

Estimated value: $200,000 to $300,000

Birds of a feather

Crafted around 1940, this brooch depicts birds in flight. The wings are set with segments of cabochon moonstones, accented by round and single-cut diamonds and calibré-cut rubies.

Estimated value: $25,000 to $35,000

Sotheby is believes this to be the first necklace set entirely with fancy-vivid yellow diamonds ever to appear at auction. The 42 diamonds weigh a total of 100.17 carats.

Estimated value: $2 million to $3 million

Pear-shaped pair

These pendant earrings feature pear-shaped emeralds weighing 10.58 and 9.76 carats, and diamonds weighing approximately 2.50 carats, mounted in platinum.

Estimated value: $350,000 to $450,000

Dating to about 1890, this brooch/hair ornament is in the shape of a flying swallow. It has diamonds applied with white enamel, mounted in 10 karat gold.

Estimated value: $30,000 to $40,000

Dietrich's diamonds

Dating to about 1930, this platinum and diamond brooch once belonged to actress Marlene Dietrich.

Estimated value: $30,000 to $50,000


Tiffany & Co. 2010 Holiday Jewelry Collection

Tiffany & Co. has launched their 2010 Holiday collection. The event was a champagne and mini cupcake-fueled affair, and jewels sparkled at every turn, lit by the many flashbulbs and Blackberrys in constant use by the media attendees. It was Christmas in July at its finest.

This collection was full of geometric florals and art deco-inspired pieces, many of them looks like they have come from the 1920s or 1930s. Colored precious stones and glittered in decadent abundance, as did architectural golden wires and, of course, ice-white Tiffany diamonds, often contrasted with deep blues.

One of our top picks was the dazzling necklace in Tiffany's signature turquoise-blue(above), which is designed by Jean Schlumberger of Tiffany & Co. The necklace features meticulously selected turquoise and hundreds of glittering diamonds set in 18k yellow gold and platinum, and retails price at $125,000.00.

Singapore International Jewellery Show 2010

The 6th annual Singapore International Jewelry Show (SIJS) will held on July 29, featuring 150 exhibitors from 20 nations.

Spanning across a period of four days, the show is one of the top spots for industry players to come under one roof and showcase their prized collection of jewelery ranging from the dazzling timepieces to the finely detailed and elegant designs.

This year’s event will take place at the Marina Bay Sands. Sophisticated, luxurious, and timeless, be dazzled by the latest in jewel designs, watches and art pieces from some 180 exhibitors from 30 countries.

The show is featuring the 2010 collection of world-renowned Italy based artist Thomas Armonia, Peranakan jewellery dating back to the 1890s and solitaire diamonds up to 40 carats each!

Singapore is one of the best locations for such an event, since it is the 2nd richest place in Asia and ranks 3rd with the most number of millionaires (17% of pop) in Asia.


Glamour Jewelry Collection Adds HSN Website

The Home Shopping Network has announced another new branded jewelry line. For this time HSN will working with Conde Nast's Glamour Magazine on a Glamour Jewelry Collection that will debut on HSN on August 18.

The Glamour Jewelry Collection is Glamour's first foray into the accessories business, and all the jewelry pieces were designed by Galmour's fashion team. The collection will have four new product offerings to people each year, and the price will be less than $100. Glamour's style editor Tracey Lomrantz will present it on air. Also the product assortment includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, and the premiere fall line will focus on four key trends: American Luxury, Charms & Chains, Sparkle & Shine, and Eye Candy."

The Glamour Jewelry Collection will debut on HSN at 2am EDT/11pm PDT on August 18 and will be available at HSN's website.


Van Cleef & Arpels Folie des Prés Jewelry

It is the spirit of creativity and dedication of fine craftsmanship. The Van Cleef & Arpels Folie des Prés collection is really another aesthetic innovation in watch and jewelry-making. Inspired the infinite and vivid nature motif, the new collection combines femininity and glamour with simple, but full of various styles and fresh color tones, paying a tribute to the blooming flower in enchanting Spring season.

It is feature on pieces of different shapes of flowers with asymmetric way skillfully. Single jewel seems just like petal, and a string of precious metal blossoms, making every luxuriant pieces more glaring and dazzing. Actually the flowers of the Folie des Pres jewelry series are made from 4 showily gems: pink and purple sapphire, blue sapphire, yellow and green gradient sapphire, and pure diamond.

If you are looking for a dazzling diamond watch, check out the amazing Van Cleef & Arpels Folie des Pres watches is right for you. Inspired from the natural motifs, the Van Cleef & Arpels watches of Folie des Prés line also bring us to the marvellous and mysterious fairyland.

It features 18k white gold paved with various of sparking round diamonds and sapphire. The gorgeous flower design on the case is repeated in variations along the bracelet, with diamonds glittering everywhere. Bearing a unique work of art serving as a substitute for the fragile miracles of nature, each timepiece comes with a unique dial enamelled by hand and each featuring a revolutionary movement developed especially for Van Cleef & Arpels. The distinguished designs, not only for nice-looking but comforts in wearing.


The Duchess of Windsor's Jewels will Auction

As American socialite, when the King Edward VIII proposed to twice-divorced, he caused a royal scandal. The man is give up his kingdom for love,and never stopped lavishing his wife with jewelry.

It's been 23 years since the last auction of the Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor, now Sotheby's will offer twenty pieces for sale in London on November 30. The total sale is expected to up to £3 million ($4.582 million). The above is a diamond bracelet by Cartier, that once belongs to Wallis Simpson,it is appeared in front of a Cecil Beaton portrait of her. The bracelet is expected to raise 350,000-450,000 pounds.

Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier's High Jewelry Director, created this realistic onyx and diamond panther bracelet designed in 1952. It's considered one of the best "three dimensional "great cats jewels of her.

The bracelet is expected to fetch 1,000,000-1,500,000 pounds ($1,520,000- 2,300,00). The completely articulated piece forms a "stalking pose" when clasped.

Jeanne Toussaint also created this flamingo brooch, decorated with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, citrines, and diamonds. It was bought by the Duchess in 1940. During the 1987 sale, this brooch caught the imagination of the world and became the emblem of the sale. It is listed with an estimate of 1,000,000-1,500,000 pounds ($1,520,000- 2,300,00).

The Windsors often incorporated their initials into the designs as shown in this emerald, ruby and diamond brooch by Cartier. This brooch is expected to realize 100,000-150,000 pounds ($152,000- 230,000). This piece was commissioned by the Duke in 1957 to mark their 20th wedding anniversary (note the Roman numerals at the base of the piece).

In addition to the Cartier pieces, the auction will also include a gold, mesh, ruby, turquoise and diamond purse by Van Cleef & Arpels. And a series of silver items and medals that were the property of Edward once, the Prince of Wales.


The Joan Hornig Ring for Cameron Diaz

Recently the superstar Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise were in Munich, Germany for the German premiere of their movie "Knight and Day." Cameron was dressed for summer in a cool white Bottega Veneta dress and Pierre Hardy shoes. On her finger was a large sterling silver and rutilated quartz Tiki ring designed from Joan Horning. The ring is sells for $735 and like all other Hornig pieces, profits from this item are donated to charity.

The material of this ring is Rutiliated quartz,which is an intriguing stone. The needle-like golden inclusions in the stone are created by rutile, a major ore of titanium. Rutile is a mineral that is made up mostly of titanium dioxide, or TiO2. As a mineral, rutile is very high on the refractive index and disperses more than almost any other mineral. This means that when rutile appears in other minerals, it almost always appears in long, thin shots of color. Rutilus is, in fact, the Latin word for red. The mineral gained this name because some specimens are a lovely deep red color. Rutile, however, can also appear in brown and gray tones.

Rutilated quartz is found around the world including Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Norway, Pakistan and also United States. Many of the mountain ranges in America contain large deposits of quartz. Rutilated quartz is an energizing stone and said to have anti-aging properties. It certainly appears to be working for Diaz.


Luxist Review and Giveaway: Paris Hilton's Tease Perfume

It is no doubt that Paris Hilton has the perfume empire. The indomitable heiress is releasing her tenth scent this month. Tease was inspired by another showy blonde, Marilyn Monroe. The box features a black and white image of Paris posed as a blonde bombshell. The pictures were shot in Los Angeles by Tony Duran. "I am all about being alluring, but with a wink, and a fun, fresh take on all that is enticingly feminine about a woman today," says Hilton in a press release.

The scent was created for Parlux by Steve DeMercado who has spent 20 years in the perfume business.

For this scent, Tease is a good name, it's not a sugar slam like many of her other scents. Well, the fruity sweetness is there but it comes on soft in a powdery whisper. The scent starts with fruity notes of fresh Fuji apple, sunny sea mist accord, white peach nectar and Sparkling Bergamot. The heart is full of white florals: frangipani petals, night-blooming jasmine and creamy tuberose. Even the base is soft, winding up with golden amber, blonde woods and warm sand accord. It would be hard to dislike this one, Hilton has called the scent sweet and flirty and it is but like a flirt it disappears before you have time to really consider it, leaving behind just a fluffy warm memory.

The provenance country of Ruby

Ruby have fewer origin, mainly in Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Tanzania, and China etc..

Most of the world's rubies are found in alluvial deposits in small areas. The more valuable ruby,their living environment more harsh. Similarly, the mining conditions of ruby is very difficult, for example, in Burma ruby, usually it is nedd to stripped of thick cover to reach 15 feet with gravel stones. Then, it can truly be mine.


There are two main origin of Burma rubies, one of Burma Mogok; the other is Burma Bangladesh prime. Myanmar Mogok is the world's most beautiful ruby origin, it is well- known for pigeon blood red ruby, so that "Burma Ruby" became synonymous with commercial quality ruby. Myanmar Mogok ruby with bright roses red - the highest grade of red known as "pigeon blood red", that is pure red, and high saturation. Significant fluorescence under the effect of sunlight, its various facets showed a bright red, shining. Often it is rich in small rutile needles fog to form stars. Uneven color distribution.


Thailand is also a major producing countries and ruby trading center, it was reported that nearly 70% of world production high-quality rubies is from Thailand. Ruby origin is in southeastern Thailand, Buri. Thai Ruby Fe content was high, darker, less transparent, more dark red - brownish red. Non-daylight fluorescent effect, only in the light direct facet is bright, the other facet is black. More uniform color. Lack of rutile-like inclusions, so no star ruby variety.

Sri Lanka

The Ruby of Sri Lanka is well known for good transparent and soft colors. And larger particles, the greater change of color, from light red to red, pink, reddish brown or brown red to cherry red. High-end product is Bright red with slightly pink and yellow, often called cherry red or water red. Also the ribbon development, rutile needle thin, long and uniform.


The common color of Tanzania ruby is purple color, orange red, and pink and red are less, and it is related with high Fe, Ti, and the low Cr content. Most of ruby without Fracture healing , and filled with foreign particles, and to decrease the transparency of the ruby.


Vietnam, in the last 80 century have found several rubies new place of origin, such as land security in northern Vietnam near the city of ruby deposits, in the central province of Nghe Cai city Cai Zhou
village ruby deposits, and basalt in the southern region of the ruby deposits. Ruby Lu An output of which the largest, best quality ruby, second to Caizhou ruby, ruby are both taken from the residual and slope sediments. Vietnamese ruby color from pink to red, many with a purple hue, rare pigeon blood red, the color of a stream striated banding phenomenon.


China Ruby mainly found in Yunnan, Anhui, Qinghai etc., the Yunnan ruby is slightly better than other ruby. The Yunnan ruby is produced in the western Yunnan area Ailaoshan metamorphic phlogopite marble, but the value is the secondary mining placer, which extracted the ruby size 1-10mm, the color was red and roses red, nuanced and uniform. But the split management and development, inclusion and high impurity content, most of them can only be used as arc precious stones, with quality faceted original stone are rare .


Colombian emerald: the best light gem

Emerald, the name originated in ancient Persian "Zumurud", originally "green stone", it was the ancient Greeks referred as "light gem" and later evolved into the Latin "Smaragdus". In 16th century, the English name she had today: "Emerald".

For centuries, Colombia has been the world's largest supplier of high-quality emeralds, tens of millions of dollars emerald each year to be shipped to countries, almost virtual monopoly on the international market, it is producing high-quality emeralds about 80% of global production. According to incomplete statistics, in 2008, Colombia's emerald exports up to 100 million 40 million U.S. dollars.

Today, Colombia has become an emerald synonymous with high-quality emeralds, Colombian emeralds registration criterion is universal worldwide standard. An emerald's origin who are determined to Colombia, then, its price tends to 3-4 percent higher than the average emerald. When more and more high-quality emeralds produced not from Colombia are collectively referred to as the Colombian emeralds, this nickname has become a subtext of a lot of money value.

In the morning, the Colombian capital Bogota city's Avenida Jimenez Tate's Emerald Avenue, as usual, bustling, busy, skin colors of people, speaking in different language that is quite in the street in and out of Spanish-style buildings, or sightseeing, or bargaining.

When the clock points to 10 o'clock, the trading will began on time!

This seemingly ordinary street each year up to 10 billion dollars with green gems and jewelry transactions; also in this street, gathered hundreds of jewelers and hands large and small workshops , brought together to create the world's best emerald jewelry craftsmen. Perhaps, and only come here you can experience the magic of emerald!


Cheap LeBron James Pendant Worth Thousands Originally

This is a interesting news about lucky. Vaneisha Robinson was bought a box of miscellaneous junk for $5 at a yard sale in Akron, OH. That was 4 years ago and she was little,she did not know what treasure it held. Amongst the mix of stuffed animals and other trinkets,there was a pendant in the shape of LeBron James' number 23 jersey.

"I used to go to high school with it around my neck, not knowing the value of it," she told an interviewer, "I just thought it was cool because it spins." Although she originally thought it was costume jewelry, recently she became suspicious the gems might be real, that was based on how they were set, and after taking it to an expert for examination, it turns out they were. The International Gemological Institute gave her a certified appraisal listing that the pendant's value at $9,670.

The jersey-shaped pendant is stamped "King 23" on the front, and "James 23" on the back.It is made of 14k gold and covered in 307 round brilliant diamonds, totaling 2.15 carats. Robinson has sold the pendant recently on eBay and plans to use the money to open her own gym.


Montblanc Men's Young Meisterstück Accessory Series

Montblanc Men's Jewelry new member - Young Meisterstück series is launched in July this year, the new series of stainless steel production, pure simple design, three-ring carving beautiful and detailed texture.

Young Meisterstück series is temperament elegant, you can add the perfect dress for the men: for example, round cufflinks have three-ring carving, one for the pure stainless steel models, another is dark stainless steel design, unique glossy texture of them.

Young Meisterstück leather bracelet is bold design and beautiful geometric lines, focuses on the design of the essence: and woven leather strap with a rectangular buckle have Art Deco flavor, buckle surface engraved Montblanc star mark; star mark is formed by the six glaciers of Mont Blanc peaks in Europe, which is also the source of Montblanc brand name. All the design theme of Montblanc products are marked with the Star logo closely.


Rock Candy Jewelry: Shiny Sweets

Valentine's Day – it is known as a day for handing out the sweets, chocolates and other sugary confections. It's also a day known for sending and receiving the big GIFT – jewelry. The 2009 Rock Candy 'Be My Valentine' collection is full with shiny sweets.

Unafraid to breach the limits of traditional jewelry design, Rock Candy has provide exquisitely original designs with precious stones for their customers. The story was started by a fashion photographer, a club owner, a film director, and two diamond dealers, Rock Candy prides itself on being number one when it comes to premium fashion jewelry.

His and Her matching 'Da Tags' Done in 18K rose gold and studded with pink sapphires and white diamonds,which is a cute gift for him and her. Who wouldn’t enjoy these shiny sweets? They have no calories!


Bvlgari Cocktail Collection

Bvlgari Cocktail collection is inspired by the Mediterranean summer. The "Cocktail" collection features on cabochon cut turquoise, peridot, amethyst and coral. Delicate inserts of diamond pavé and emerald set against gold that give this collection a beautiful refined finish.


* Bvlgari Cocktail yellow gold long earrings mounting 2 turquoise cones, 2 turquoise creoles, 4 amethyst beads, 2 emerald inserts, and 1.96 ct pavé diamonds
* Bvlgari Cocktail yellow gold short earrings mounting 2 turquoise creoles, 2 turquoise beads, 2 amethyst beads and 2.93 ct pavé diamonds


Badgley Mischka Gold Lace Dangle Earrings

Are you looking for a guaranteed showstopper? These oversized danglies won't disappoint for you. Ornate and sophisticated, they’re on our shoping-list when we’re dressing to impress in a hurry.

Badgley Mischka's designs have a jewel-centric and often Victorian aesthetic; they tend to meld ornate motifs with an "old money" quality that stops short of being too, too ostentatious.

Combing old world elegance with modern glam which gives these Badgley Mischka Gold Lace Dangle Earrings a dazzling and attention grabbing look. Pair with your perfectly white shirt or full skirt for a sophisticated look or wear with shorts and a blouse. Featured in gold(plated), they are adorned in sand colored glass rhinestones. On the bright and sunny day, Badgley Mischka's Gold Lace Earrings would be sparkle so beautifully. They measure at 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The price is for $250.


Chanel Franges Fine Jewellery

We all love the White Christmas but there can be nothing better and more lasting – than the dazzling white of Chanel diamonds. This holiday season, Chanel introduces their line of Franges Fine Jewelry, a luxury series that will, no doubt, bring a lot of joy to the lucky recipient.

Franges takes inspiration from Coco Chanel, with pieces that are modern but simple and elegant. All of the jewelry are white diamond-inlaid the white gold, absent of any distracting colors. All attention is geared on the stones brilliant cut and clarity. To make them easier to wear, clasps are hidden and well out of sight. The earrings will appearing on our Christmas wish list this year!


OMEGA Aqua Bridal Wedding Ring Series

Omega Aqua Bridal series sparkled entire audience

There is no any jewelry even more to have individual commemoration significance like the wedding ceremony ring. At the Barthel 2010 exhibitions, the Omega has promoted Aqua Bridal new style wedding ceremony ring series, three choice for 18 carats platinums, gold and rose gold.

At the 2010 Barthel exhibition, Omega Aqua Bridal series sparkles the entire audience.

AQUA BRIDAL Diamond Ring

Omega GRIFFES CONSTELLATION also exhibited two special products. One is set with 31 sparkling diamonds and a huge star 18Ct white gold amethyst ring, another is bracelets that set with the same star shape amethyst and which are surrounded by 16 diamonds, never faded elegance and contemporary works of art in one. Both works also on display.

Amethyst necklace and ring decoration

Omegamania set with a diamond and heart-shaped 18k white gold necklace


Cartier Secrets et Merveilles Landed Hong Kong In May

The jewelry brand Cartier annual climax - High Jewelry series grand meeting had started, this year the brand divides HJ into four queens subject specially, implication each position wears Cartier jewelry's woman that was honored queen,and was motherly model of the nation!

Cartier Secrets et Merveilles High jewelry series, represents mystical and magnificent. In order to untie woman's sky, the brand divides HJ into four queens subject specially, respectively be peacock queen, pearl queen, spirit snake queen and diamond queen.

Cartier HJ series

Peacock queen explains for the magnificent dream soaring, we must know that the peacock is king of birds in the Cartier animal kingdom, similarly it is symbolizing eternal and the multiplication; Jewelry master comes alive using peacock's lofty honored god marrow in the technique lifelike on the treasure; The yellow, orange, green and the blue color gem, scatter on the careful brooch, the finger ring and the bangle, and like opens colorful peacock wings.

For pearl queen is represent the beauty chase the rainbow, as if custom-made for the gentle female; Tassels pearl necklace, just likes jumping lightly the waltz dance, in the orange topaz and the brown diamond match lining, it has added a corona for these pearls, but also has the waterdrop shape cutting diamond and so on pendents!

Cartier HJ series

As for spirit snake queen, which is representative the sending orders person to resist mystical and the sexy female; No matter the snake-shaped necklace, or the delicate arms' spirit snake jewelry, which are displays feminine enchanting divine and wonderful spirit incisively; The brand using the technique of perfect, outlines the charm which spirit snake migration, holds up the head and winds around, and present the touch of the spirit snake by the platinum gold, the smaragdi and diamond etc.

Final diamond queen, it is focal point of eternal and the radiant, brand have selects each kind of creation material quality from the different collection gemstones, with the extremely perfect proportion and the symmetrical design, which is linked together queen's jewelry and flesh's royal crown, eulogizes the feminine loftiest noble style!

Cartier HJ series

The Cartier brand-new high jewelry series exhibition tour just held in China and Macao finished, it had started in May to landed Hong Kong before 15th, this charming HJ collection is over RMB 800,000,000 !


Dior’s Savoir Faire Exhibition at Hong Kong

Have you ever wondered at the level of craftsmanship that goes into a Dior watch or pair of earrings? The answer can be found at Dior’s Savoire Faire Exhibition to Hong Kong from April 30 to May 2 2010.

Dior will be setting up a display at the Landmark Atrium Hong Kong, and showcasing their latest jewellery collections: “Boise de Rose”. Workshops are lined-up where,and 3 Paris & Swiss craftsmen will demonstrate techniques such as wax sculpting, stone cutting that goes into producing Dior’s jewellery and timepieces.

If you are jewellery fans or just plain curious, make sure you pop on by to check this exhibition out.

Date: 30th April 2010 to 2nd May 2010
Exhibition time: New Collection Exhibition: 10:30am – 19:30pm


Tiffany 2010-2011 Blue Book Jewelry Series

For display the top jewelry brand's outstanding tradition and domain authoritative status in the diamond design, Tiffany new 2010-2011 year Blue Book magnificent jewelry series will sparkle in October, 2010 presents in China. This series's handicraft design has reappeared the natural miracle, also it is jewelry's art treasure. They are magnificent present from the reputation Tiffany classical blue gift box (Tiffany Blue Box), all the world is overwhelmed with admiration for this series.

Tiffany designers have fixed the beautiful and frame gracefully in the circular, the pillow shape and the olive shape diamond necklace. This necklace's center is 20.01 carats, the D color, neatness IF (interior does not have impurity) diamond. The top cutting technology has accomplished unequalled brilliance and the charm.

Blue Book jewelry series, this section is made by 20.34 carat colorful yellow diamond pendent, 37 Tiffany Legacy diamond and 674 circles diamond composed,yellow diamond pendent has the extremely high degree of saturation, the chromatic dispersion luminosity and brightness, which is the another adores work for Tiffany skilled craftsman.

It is containing the precious colored gem in the nature,and waiting for the humanity excavates, it is includes the sapphire which the Kashmir area produces. Since the 19th century later period by discovered, it has been the treasure which jewelry business long dreams for. Tiffany is use 1097 radiant diamonds to made the necklace, serves as a contrast for 28.01 carat entire natural precious Kashmir sapphire, magnificent eye-catching, matchless.

Since 1837 established, Tiffany is famous by the product the finest diamond in the world. Not only the Blue Book series' style design is numerous, moreover each work is receiving the remarkable tradition which the world top jewelry brand is in sole possession. To pursue exquisite craft diligent have achievement the Tiffany legend.