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Cheap LeBron James Pendant Worth Thousands Originally

This is a interesting news about lucky. Vaneisha Robinson was bought a box of miscellaneous junk for $5 at a yard sale in Akron, OH. That was 4 years ago and she was little,she did not know what treasure it held. Amongst the mix of stuffed animals and other trinkets,there was a pendant in the shape of LeBron James' number 23 jersey.

"I used to go to high school with it around my neck, not knowing the value of it," she told an interviewer, "I just thought it was cool because it spins." Although she originally thought it was costume jewelry, recently she became suspicious the gems might be real, that was based on how they were set, and after taking it to an expert for examination, it turns out they were. The International Gemological Institute gave her a certified appraisal listing that the pendant's value at $9,670.

The jersey-shaped pendant is stamped "King 23" on the front, and "James 23" on the back.It is made of 14k gold and covered in 307 round brilliant diamonds, totaling 2.15 carats. Robinson has sold the pendant recently on eBay and plans to use the money to open her own gym.

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