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OMEGA Aqua Bridal Wedding Ring Series

Omega Aqua Bridal series sparkled entire audience

There is no any jewelry even more to have individual commemoration significance like the wedding ceremony ring. At the Barthel 2010 exhibitions, the Omega has promoted Aqua Bridal new style wedding ceremony ring series, three choice for 18 carats platinums, gold and rose gold.

At the 2010 Barthel exhibition, Omega Aqua Bridal series sparkles the entire audience.

AQUA BRIDAL Diamond Ring

Omega GRIFFES CONSTELLATION also exhibited two special products. One is set with 31 sparkling diamonds and a huge star 18Ct white gold amethyst ring, another is bracelets that set with the same star shape amethyst and which are surrounded by 16 diamonds, never faded elegance and contemporary works of art in one. Both works also on display.

Amethyst necklace and ring decoration

Omegamania set with a diamond and heart-shaped 18k white gold necklace

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