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Christian Dior 2010 Rose Collections

Throughout the life of Christian Dior,it had a passion for roses. From the time his parents moved into “Villa Les Rhumbs” (Normandy) until the day of his passing, it influenced much of his work. The rose has always influenced most of his designs.

For summer 2010 Christian Dior,the fashion house has released two jewellery collection inspired by the favourite flower for designer.

The Bois de Rose collection is devoted to the stem, rather than the actual flower and features diamond embellishments on the yellow and white gold stems,which is a unique symbol of love.

At the same time, the Rose Dior Pre Catelan collections makes coral for its defining embellishment. Diamonds of various sizes are set with brilliant coral and yellow golds, and creating natural and organic rings,bracelet,earring and so on jewelry colloection.

■“Bois de Rose” ring, yellow gold and diamonds, HK$ 16,000
■“Bois de Rose” ring, white gold and diamonds, HK$ 17,000
■“Bois de Rose” ring, yellow gold and diamonds, HK$ 39,000


Shanghai World Expo:Belgian European Union hall hot sale diamond

At the Shanghai World Expo, the Belgian - European Union hall is the most popular one of exhibition halls, not only because of its orthodox school delicacy's Belgian chocolate, also it has the total value several billions luxurious diamond displays and sale. The diamond display porch to demonstrate Antwerp's precious diamond and the jewelry every day for surpass 50,000 people of visitors.

“the Antwerp world diamond center expenditure large amount of money in the World Expo Belgium hall display, which is exactly the best way that demonstrates its image to the Chinese consumers.”Belgian hall diamond display porch inspector general said.

If the tourist wants to select and purchase the diamond in the Belgian Hall Diamond Department, they might enjoy to the imperial family member treatment. VIP selects and purchases room located at the entire diamond department's central place, the short several meters need to lead the visitor by the professional service personnel through 3 entrance guards, only then may see the experienced diamond expert, measures the body for the visitor to select and purchase most suits diamond.

In fact, the Belgian Antwerp's diamond reputation outside, the price is not poor. According to diamond display porch's assistant Liu Jie Ting introduced that the diamond color, the precision and so on numerous factors can affect theirs price, but the Antwerp province's diamond is world famous by the cuts technology, Africa, South America produce the best diamond, which is hoped that delivers here to cut; Therefore, Antwerp diamond is also more expensive than other place.

The diamond display porch's diamond is measurement by divides and a carat (1 carat is equal to 100 points). Because the rank is different, in the porch 80 point diamond price is from RMB 8000 to RMB 500,000; the most popular diamond which in the diamond porch, the price sector probably is 1 carat RMB 40,000 to RMB 200,000. The most customers are willing to buy bare diamond, the diamond display porch's specialized cutting teacher according to their desire,polishes to ring, the ear nail, the necklace and so on each kind of types.

Even if such expensive diamond, diamond sale still hot sale to described. Diamond porch's assistant for manager Liu Jie Ting is not willing to disclose that their daily sales volume, actually politely indicated that on June 13 Belgian country hall date that it has sold 10 carats for one day. “Also the sells is also very good of other time, even surpasses our original estimate, the major part consumers are the Chinese.

The Shanghai World Expo has custom-made the necklace “star of the Elizabeth”

In 2009 year, HRD award win works


The World Five Jewelry Country Introduction

In jewelry world, although it is writes an essay with the precious metal and the gem, various countries actually have the different dream - different country have the varying humanities characteristic, from this point,there is also had the different jewelry design idea, some styles make widely known, in some appearances collects. But because of these differences, lets jewelry's world be more colourful. Have a look at the following five big national product of jewelry, who will win the jewelry luxurious war actually?

French jewelry "solar king" classical luxurious

Key words: Palace luxurious, classical element

Design feature: France has glorious history culture to accumulate, “solar king” the magnificent time as well as “Mary Queen” regarding the fashion esteem, which is deeply affecting nowadays's jewelry design. It is full with palace feeling, luxurious, the elegant design receives the favor, moreover the big pellet's diamond and the gem are popular in France. These classical and fills the literary atmosphere's jewelry also have manifest classicism romantic mood in the French bone.

Mellerio Jewellery platinum gold necklace/beset with one pearl shape emeralds that weight 29.0 carats, the necklaces is manifest the French fully regarding the palace luxurious design esteem, the utilization of big pellet gem and the big carat diamond has been the domain mainstream in French high-quality jewelry design.

Van Cleef & Arpels necklace/the inspiration of this model is from the Paris Opera House gorgeous red stage curtain. In the Paris Opera House may track down Baroque and the new renaissance trace, but this kind of French art's essence also again unfolds the grace and talent in this model of necklace.

Van Cleef & Arpels necklace/three row of parallel diamond bands have unify with the yellow color diamond band, and five diamond have embellishment in the stamen and pistil of flower, causes it to be obviously elegant and magnificent. The yellow golden color vine cane pattern that symbolizes the Paris Opera House arched entrance have curving nearby half neck, and in one side pate by white gold beset with diamond have calmly to hang in the feminine front as decorating. This model is symbolizes the perfect set in the Paris Opera House art, luxurious and happy.

Dior necklace/ orchid has held the important status in the Dior design, because this is one kind of flowers which Mr. Diao cherishes. Fills the fresh impression take the lily-of-the-valley as the design subject's necklace, simultaneously they are the nature romantic of French.

American jewelry Abstract vanguard's multi-dimensional expression

Key words: Neutrality, design subject multi-dimensional, abstract feeling

Design feature: The US is a multicultural fusion country, the fusion of different race and the culture cause her jewelry design in US to present the tendency which the design subject multi-dimensional, swallows anything and everything uncritically. In addition, the economical lead status also lets the American is esteem the direct, simple, but many interest life logic, therefore, in the jewelry design, these rich creativities, cutting edge, brief, the neutral design is warmly welcomed.

Tiffany bangle/line and the circular are anomalous, but this kind of anomalous actually have achievement American jewelry's uninhibited individuality.

Tiffany bangle/the shape of precious metal bangle is like watch band, which is actually not makes together for the achievement of one wrist watch, It is the platinum gold jewelry bangle, brief, and unique design of subject is thoroughly American humorous.

Tiffany ring/the most unique place of this ring is abstains the circle trace, the sense of reality and the unique design of surface, which is the unusual neutral design, it has manifested American's brief, capable, the neutral esthetic trend.

Italian jewelry

Key words: Manual feeling, geometry construction

Design feature: it is without doubt regarding Italy impetus the European culture and the fashion. Since the Renaissance, Italy has esteemed one kind of beauty to unite the natural esthetic sense, therefore, fills the manual feeling, the clear jewelry work can bring one kind to the human plainly, the stocky impression to receive Italian's welcome. At the same time, Italy also stressed that jewelry's geometry feeling, shapes and so on, circle, column have manifested the connection with ancient constructs in Italy.

Bvlgari jewelry bangle watch/this model have rich ancient Rome construction's stereoscopic and hardware's impression, which is luxurious, the atmosphere sense of reality of Italy designs.

Bvlgari necklace

Japanese jewelry Exquisite soft affective tone

Key words: Slender, the stack-up complicated, “the multi-details” unfold

Design feature: The island country natural quality,which has decided the Japanese prefer natural, therefore, Japan's jewelry design has many colored grass,carp, and insect's subject. Moreover, the Japanese females esteem the pleasantly warm and close jewelry, likes cute modelling, so the Japan's high-quality jewelry also frequently presents young girls' butterfly knot design. The complicated jewelry also esteems for Japan.

Alpha platinum gold ring/if you have see such design, you are gasping and admiration Japanese regarding complicated detail cherishing. Moreover the men ring has also become so slender, exquisite!

Mikimoto ring

Mikimoto Black Pearl Earring

Chinese jewelry Historical inheritance esthetic sense

Key words: Auspicious omen, naturalism

Design feature: The Chinese has had the advocation for auspicious omen tradition, therefore, the jewelry design has the favorable impression regarding traditional dragon, phoenix, butterfly, swallow, brocade carp propitious biology or “8”, “6”, “9” and so on propitious digit. Moreover, because the people think the fine, wonderful workmanship jewelry more is precious since old times more, China's jewelry design also favors the more complex style.

Antonio Facchinelli platinum gold marriage couple rings/the people have liked “forever”, “eternal” the concept, also advocates“8” the implication, this section of platinum couple ring have both represents infinite “∞” the mark, represents “loves inexhaustible”, and also it is likely many “8” connects together.

Chowtaifook Bracelet/from the whole world, China is most country that favors the 24K pure gold jewelry, Every year the 24K pure gold jewelry has occupied the sales in China ranked first in the world. The Chinese likes the pure gold, more pleasing like this model bangle such has the exquisite decorative carving design.


Chopard on W Magazine Cover

Chopard have gets some more front page coverage for the celebrity favorite. This month it's the cover of W Magazine, and the celeb is the ever-chic Cate Blanchett. The star wears Yves Saint Laurent silk bustier that leaves her shoulders and arms bare, all the better to showcase these Chopard sparklers:

As reported by W Magazine, earrings are 18 karat white/rose gold and contain 112 Asscher cut diamonds in a pale pink-brown color. Pink diamonds being some of the most expensive diamonds around – and red diamonds the most expensive of all – I can’t even speculate at the price. Since they were hand-delivered by a Chopard guard from their Geneva headquarters to the W Magazine shoot in Berlin.

Here are some Chopard earrings that I can reasonably covet:

*Educational aside: Misspellings of the Asscher cut abound on the internet and in print. The cut is named for its originator, Joseph Asscher, whose Royal Asscher Diamond Company held the patent on the cut until World War II. Don’t forget the second (somewhat unfortunate) 'S' and that silent 'C' and you’ll prove your jewelry knowledge is a cut above the rest.


Lady Dior Light Bag Sparkle in Shanghai

Guidance: In order to celebrate the DIOR Flagship Store in Shanghai Henglong Square grand beginning on May, Dior is creativity lightens Shanghai that has been known as “the Eastern Paris” by the artistic miraculous glow -- on April 25,it has display the Chinese artist Li Songsong giant installment work outside the Henglong square main entrance “Lady Dior Light Bag”, its sparkle's ray and the imposing modelling,which is let the human extremely praise for this project.

“Lady Dior Light Bag” has unfolded French and Chinese, between the contemporary art and the fashion dialog. Li Songsong has annotated Lady Dior through methods and so on structure, line and cutting. He was divides the classical Cannage on the handbag into three floor, which is forms the giant installment of skeleton, above installs the neon light, let it exceptionally to glisten, and becomes the focal point which the people focus on.

On May 14, Dior has held the grand cocktail party of flagship store, and promotes take “the blue color” as the theme Shanghai limited collection series. Dior also has set up the brand demonstration hall in the Henglong square at the same day, demonstrated that specially 11 beautiful logical sequence that fresh high-level ordering formal clothes which comes from the French aerial transport, and Zhang Huan, Zhang Dali, Liu Jianhua and so on well-known Chinese artists take Dior as the inspiration creates artwares. The display has continued for two weeks, lets the Chinese guest feeling the brand reservation's culture and the tradition.


Luxury Erickson Beamon Tassel Earrings

Some of the very interesting pieces from the Erickson Beamon Fine Jewelry line include items pieces that are in step with the season’s trend. The earrings can be worn as much as possible and from day to evening. The tassel earrings is just the one. It features pure and fresh with glittering and translucent color. It seems just like the spring’s pouring down, making us have strong intention to stretch hand to touch. The design of slender multi edges reflect the delusion. Do you like the creative and very personalized one?

Erickson Beamon tassel eardrop, pure and fresh and glittering and translucent color as the springs pour down, let a person want to stretch hand to touch. Actually eardrop body part only soft pink crystal beads, and below is opaque metal tassel is slender, the more the edges of a transparent reflects a delusion.

Erickson Beamon brand is one of lady Obama’s favorite jewelrys. It originately got the name from two woman designers: Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon. It always makes marvelous jewelries with the feeling of antique, dazzling various of celebrities and political matters. John Galliano the most influential fashion designer is one of addicts.


The best-known three diamond in the history

According to relevant statistics, each producing 100,000 gem-quality diamonds, which it may be one colored diamond, the probability of only one hundred thousandth. The pink, green, golden yellow diamond shines with unusual bright luster and become more precious and rare, regardless of age and Borders,it have captivate all people.

There is a metaphysical point of view, those precious jewels diamonds, its worth for whole country, and always have associated with death and conspiracy, it is the ominous blood-stained items. The French Tavi Mill have found a blue large diamond in the south of India and take it back to France, the unknown things was occured one after another, its owners were died mysteriously, its strange and twists experienced enough to write a novel.

In 1958, the United States jewelers Winston have bought the jewelry heritage of Mackland. Ans become the new owners of Blue Diamond "hope" . A miracle had happened, Winston is not only safe and sound, jewelry business has also become exceptionally good, and later they have developed into the world's leading diamond brand "Harry Winston". Later, Mr. Winston have donated "Hope" diamond to the State, and now hidden in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. From then on, "Hope" diamond stop for a few hundred years strange history.

In 2009, the "Diamond King" diamond dealer Laurence Graff have bid a record 24.3 million U.S. dollars astronomical price bought the precious blue diamond that in European royal family 300-year history. This rare blue diamond is prominent 17 century "Wittelsbach" diamonds, heavy 35.56 karats, both in color and clarity,it could comparable with diamond "hope."

Around in 1743, Augusta have spent 60000 dip (about £ 9000) bought a pear-shaped weighing 41 karats natural green diamonds, diamond texture is pure perfection, according to legend,it was produced in the famous diamond producer - India's Golconda.

The huge green diamond due to hidden in Dresden treasure Germany, hence get the name of "Dresden Green Diamond", after the Second World War, "Dresden" green diamond was shipped to Moscow, after a vagrant life,it was in 1958 returned. "Dresden" green diamond is the representative of green diamonds,which are usually considered companion volume of "hope" diamond, its value is difficult to measure. Though the weight of 41 karats is not the largest, but for their extremely rare green color into the world today,there is no one go beyond this largest green diamond.

Chopard 150th Anniversary Jewelry and Watches Show Preview

Swiss watchmaker and jewelry brand Chopard will participate in Sanya, Hainan, Hong Zhou Hainan Rendez-Vous that is held on April 2 to 4, and also have become the main sponsor of this event.

Chopard gemstones diamond necklace

Chopard was establish for 150th anniversary in 2010, and loaded with brand value and creativity, reflected the success elements of the family business. As the world-class excellence watch and jewelry brands, Chopard has been committed to the good quality and exceptional creativity to bring to customers, and integration of skillfully innovative design, modern technology and traditional technology.

Chopard Animal World Series - Monkey Necklace

Chopard's unique colored gemstone diamond necklace

Chopard ultimate bright colored diamond jewelry watches

Chopard "Animal World" Watch Series

Chopard L.U.C Tourbillon Tech Steel Wings Tourbillon Watch


Hermes 2010 Spring & Summer Accessories Series

Silver Athéna bracelets

For the Hermes that such an important brand in fashion area, almost all materials can be used as the design covers by brand. As a brand that always been excellence, whether it is silk, fur, leather, or precious metals, precious stones, Hermes are produce the elegant single product by cautious attitude and same exquisite craftsmanship. Although Hermes is not a brand that based on silver production, but the silver jewelry is still uphold this noble tradition of leather goods.

The figure in 2010 spring and summer series Athéna silver bracelet, thanks to spectacular design for the spiral curve of the "Fil Carré" specifically development of new technologies. Highly sophisticated links, so that pattern repeated in the infinite symmetric harmony. This ongoing state of the silver spiral pattern, its perfect counterweight maintained by invisible ouch.

The other section Clic silver bracelets, the name comes from the clarity sound sent by tightly connected ouch. Buckle could be upward or downward for wearing flip, fascinating. In the silver jewelry series, we still find that Hermes classic chain, horse nails, badges such emergence of elements. It is different from the Hermes precious leather or beautiful jewelry and wrist watches, the neat silver lines reflect the more simple and handsome of Hermes, and in the simplicity it is still revealing the the same charm of the brand's elegance.

Silver AGORA long Necklace

CYTHèRE silver bracelet

Two large-scale chain ouch spliced into this soft tone bracelet, It is the overlapping of "fil rond" and "fil carré" . The CYTHèRE's name is derived from the Greek island that Aegean Sea meets with the kirke Ladi sea.

Boucheron Belle Époque style flower shape necklace

Boucheron Belle Époque style Loie series flower shape necklace

In the mid-19th century, industrial revolution in full swing, the artist in order to counter the industrialized products, praised the natural beauty of the natural, flower-shaped jewelry have emerged, the vivid floral leaf design to make nobility adding the natural charm of luxury.

1910 platinum diamond necklace
(2009 New York Christie's auction)

Belle Époque prosperity, expensive platinum in addition won the love of the royal family, but also increasingly popular open to ordinary people, but platinum is very hard, and good toughness characteristics, it was considered to be the best jewelry material that could achieve jewelry design and process of Belle Époque period, it has been extensively used platinum jewelry works at the time.


Guess Heart-shaped Multi-layer Necklace and Bracelet

What is the color of heart? The most common answer would be "red", "pink", but this season the answer of Guess is "bright colores", light pink, light blue, purple, off-white ... Perhaps these dramatic color similarly can be very sexy!

Guess accessories have tranquil colors, their forms should sufficiently prominent, especially with multi-layered necklace, rose gold models have as many as 10 layers, chain thickness, length and diverse materials, the pendant of each chain is also different, the whole jump-rich but not confusion, which is like rock feel with Barbie dolls. The silver chain is more coarse, more the sense of weight, and balance with soft pendant color each other, as if metal rock onto the style of good girl. The style of the bracelet is same, but the rose gold bracelet is more pleasant for people, which is young and shiny.

Multi-layer necklace is wearing good-looking, when collection,it should pay particular attention to do not casually toss, then the next time if you want to wear that is not easy. The best way is to straighten out the chain,then the chain wrapped up along with the stockings, so that it does not chaos and wear resistant, you can always wear a regular New necklace!

Chopard Create Latest Animal Collection for 150th anniversary

In 1860, at the age of 24, Louis-Ulysse Chopard created the L.U.C watch manufactory in Sonvilier and established it as one of the finest watchmakers in the 19th century. However during the 20th century Chopard suffered a period of decline until 1963, when it was bought by Karl Scheufele. Along with his wife Karin and his two children, Karl-Friedrich and Caroline, he turned it into the brand you know today.

In order to mark the grand milestone of Chopard 150th anniversary, they have created a new jewellery collection, whih using some animal pieces as theme. Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director, has chosen the animal theme. Sourced from encyclopaedias and the Chinese calendar, it is the largest and most diverse collection Choaprd has ever devoted to.

The 'Animal World' Collection also put to use some unexpected gemstones including quartz, kunzites, pearls, Paraiba tourmalines, moonstones, red gold, titanium, and precious woods designed to evoke a “natural” effect. Chopard has designed 150 such animal-themed pieces collection for the anniversary.

The Clownfish plastron necklace is a particular highlight in the collection. It took 750 hours to create and using 2160 various stones such as diamonds, apatites, aquamarines, chalcedonies, moonstones, Paraiba tourmalines, quartz, topazes and sapphires.

In another scene, the chimpanzees have stretching out hand to reach a bunch of mangoes that made by a cluster of orange-red sapphires.


Oscar the best partner Cartier

For Hollywood actress, the Oscar ceremony is not only an annual report card revealed, but also fighting dress, slim stature battlefield,if you carefully read the multi-Oscar will discover a rule, although the black models are not error-prone, gorgeous color dress could grab the limelight at the moment, but every year it seems to be the platinum department dresses + Cartier luxury fine jewelry is the Queen that unbeaten on the red carpet ceremony . To look at the Oscar red carpet this year and in the past the best shape. The beautiful actress as sculpture perfect clothes and jewelry has become the focus of the scene.

Cameron Diaz

Dress: de la Renta
Jewelry: Cartier
Jewelry total: 2.11 million

Cameron Diaz, the blue-eyed big beautiful women, glittering dress against her that do not see her 38-year-old "old age." Diaz as always wearing the Cartier brand jewelry, earrings inlaid diamond Trinity against smiles relieved, and instantly murder of countless films, fingers Panthere ring is demonstrate her inner wild side blunt.

White, yellow and rose gold and diamond pave Trinity circle hoop earrings
White gold and diamond Peau ring - PT RING SNAKE SKIN BRW JNQ DIA
White gold, princess and round cut diamond Couronne ring

Jennifer Lopez

Dress: Giorgio Armani
Jewelry: Cartier
Jewelry total price: about 1.5 million

Jennifer Lopez has Latin flavor beautiful facial features, style smile and the world's most expensive body. Jennifer Lopez in this same choice of the Cartier jewelry as expedition altar partner. Simple luxury platinum diamond-studded earrings,ring and bracelet are perfect combination with unique design dress skirt,highlight her increasingly mature sexy too.

Tradition platinum and diamond clip earrings, Cartier London 1934
Panthere Maillon XXL white gold and diamond ring
Platinum and diamond line bracelet

Recalling previous Oscar red carpet, we can always found traces of Cartier jewelry from the actress in the best dress.

Anne Hathaway 2009

Anne Hathaway 2008

Dress: Valentino
Jewelry: Cartier

As the limelight of one of female star in 2009, , Anne Hathaway although have not to take to home the Oscar prize, but she was definitely won the highest level of attention, who was named "Best dress, "da self-cultivation white gold dress would be perfect show the stature of beautiful Annie, Cartier platinum diamond bracelet in the wrist have perfect fit for the princess temperament of her.

Rachel weisz

Dress: Vera Wang
Jewelry: Cartier

High IQ beauty Rachel Weisz was also choose platinum color dress that make herself conspicuous but not jump out in the Oscar-important occasions, which is emit low-key luxury, this rare diamond necklace is also from Cartier , "Jewelers of King" total let a woman keep wild.

Renee Zellweger

Dress: Carolina Herrera
Jewelry: Cartier

Renee Zellweger is not much beautiful, but its excellent acting, warm temperament and rich image of affinity won countless fans for her. Three diamond white gold Cartier bracelet on the right wrist is also exposure her valuable status.