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Chopard on W Magazine Cover

Chopard have gets some more front page coverage for the celebrity favorite. This month it's the cover of W Magazine, and the celeb is the ever-chic Cate Blanchett. The star wears Yves Saint Laurent silk bustier that leaves her shoulders and arms bare, all the better to showcase these Chopard sparklers:

As reported by W Magazine, earrings are 18 karat white/rose gold and contain 112 Asscher cut diamonds in a pale pink-brown color. Pink diamonds being some of the most expensive diamonds around – and red diamonds the most expensive of all – I can’t even speculate at the price. Since they were hand-delivered by a Chopard guard from their Geneva headquarters to the W Magazine shoot in Berlin.

Here are some Chopard earrings that I can reasonably covet:

*Educational aside: Misspellings of the Asscher cut abound on the internet and in print. The cut is named for its originator, Joseph Asscher, whose Royal Asscher Diamond Company held the patent on the cut until World War II. Don’t forget the second (somewhat unfortunate) 'S' and that silent 'C' and you’ll prove your jewelry knowledge is a cut above the rest.

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