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Guess Heart-shaped Multi-layer Necklace and Bracelet

What is the color of heart? The most common answer would be "red", "pink", but this season the answer of Guess is "bright colores", light pink, light blue, purple, off-white ... Perhaps these dramatic color similarly can be very sexy!

Guess accessories have tranquil colors, their forms should sufficiently prominent, especially with multi-layered necklace, rose gold models have as many as 10 layers, chain thickness, length and diverse materials, the pendant of each chain is also different, the whole jump-rich but not confusion, which is like rock feel with Barbie dolls. The silver chain is more coarse, more the sense of weight, and balance with soft pendant color each other, as if metal rock onto the style of good girl. The style of the bracelet is same, but the rose gold bracelet is more pleasant for people, which is young and shiny.

Multi-layer necklace is wearing good-looking, when collection,it should pay particular attention to do not casually toss, then the next time if you want to wear that is not easy. The best way is to straighten out the chain,then the chain wrapped up along with the stockings, so that it does not chaos and wear resistant, you can always wear a regular New necklace!

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