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January Birthday Gemstone: Red Garnet

Birthday stone is over millions of years and adhering to the Aura of the moon, mountains and rivers, and become the guardian stone of the person who born in January. Garnet with its accessible price, the fiery blazing color, purity and refinement texture, and to become the international recognized January birthday stone, it also has a lot of marvelous efficacy. Of course, the reason why we are appreciation for garnet, and it has generally attractive ruby red, but unlike expensive like the ruby.

Garnet highest

1. The place of origin Garnet is almost spread all over the world, Germany is the largest country in producing garnet.

2. Historically, the biggest one of the original garnet stones weighing up to 20 tons, carrying with over 100 horses. This piece was produced in the Ural Mountains "Rose Garnet" that was carved into coffin of the grandson of Catherine II, Nicholas I's .

Bracelet / Brumani

3. United States National Museum of Natural History in the collections of the world's best a brown yellow transparent garnet (iron grossular), which is an elaborate carved head of Christ, heavy 61.5 karats, it can be called priceless.

Ring / Chaumet

Goethe's fascination girl,that wearing a garnet appointment only

Bohemian garnet museum in Europe, there is a red garnet that sleeping for hundreds of years, and she quietly told a visitor to each one a beautiful love story. The masters of this piece of garnet, she was Europe's greatest poet Goethe's lover. Then only 19 years old when she first saw Goethe, she fell in love with him.

Because of their large age difference, her love had been the family's opposition. Yet, the hot love of Goethe for this stubborn girl , as the same like to family garnet. Each dating with Goethe, she must wear garnet, because she was convinced that the legend of garnet: It can pass information love between lovers. She wanted to witness their own faithful love by Garnet .

Garnet is most suitable forfrail chills girls to wear , and even wear in sleep can also promote the regeneration capacity, it can promote beauty and improve the skin. If have the wound, or even stop the inflammation or deterioration to continue.

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