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Rock 80's high-profile jewelry

Well-known British contemporary artist Damien Hirst held theme of "death tell" exhibition, and it has display many of his works, including the "Skull and Bones" that made of platinum and diamond with the same size and shape of skull. This exhibits use platinum as the main material, it is also inlaid with 8601 diamonds, with the total weight of 1106.18 karats.

"Guns and Roses" is the world-famous rock band, while the guns of the important elements in this rock has surprisingly become an integral part of jewelry design. British jeweler brand Garrard was released this large pistol accessory, the world's limited 4, Victoria Beckham have collect one of them, and it do not know what occasions she would pull out this jewelry gun?

Editor Recommendation

Dagger necklace / John Galliano It has a high profile with dark Gothic style, filled with gorgeous and worth reflecting on the details - the dagger style is full of personality and medieval aristocratic atmosphere, with great accuracy to reflect the geeks John Galliano personal favorite style.

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Skull cufflinks / Dior Imagine such scenario, a handsome man wearing a shirt with refined cufflinks in front of you, inadvertently, you have found his cufflinks are so rebellious and full of punk-flavored skull ! Cufflinks with his formal and elegant clothing in sharp contrast. This contrast make this man instantly become "interesting" and "taste". Who will resist the inner wonderful and fine appearance men?

Rock Jewelry, Star Demonstration

Taylor Momsen has been taking punk rock route in daily life . Multi-layer necklace with silver gray clothes, so that the level of upper body has become rich, especially the join of skull and crossbones pendant that dotting the overall rock style.

Alessandra Ambrosio use very striking and exaggerated silver cross necklace match with the traditional little black dress, so that the overall mix has become more fashion, more consistent with her own temperament.

Jewelry Selection Guide for Flashing Party

A woman's love of the jewelry needs reason? Without the present of jewelry, more gorgeous-dress is also pale. Refined makeup, luxury clothes, but also add those shining point, string, the dressed coulb be considered finished.

Popular wear:

The set of most gorgeous dress, to be given to favorite diamond necklace, compare with relative single-diamond pendant style, obviously curtains shape designed necklace is more lethal.

Party wear:

Diamond curtain necklace, earrings even more match with longutte dress, but do not appear together, you are a party queen, not the jewelry model.The cabinet curtain necklace form can also mix and match with diamond pendant necklace, co-ordination of proportion is ok.

Popular wear:

Colored gemstone is all the more beautiful and have more festive atmosphere, as opposed to the exotic retro style,the modern pendants, figures, flowers,which is more playful for lovely style, the dress will not be too picky.

Party wear:

Whether a long dress or short dress, bra design is very necessary condition, collarbone is the best partner of color genstones, for small pendants, while wearing necklaces and earrings do not seem too complicated, if you select a grand retro style, one should be sufficient.

Modern color jewelry style is more lively , handbags, high heels and dress style can choose brightly colored style.

Popular wear:

Pearl colors are warm and cold of the points, the cold color white pearls and black pearls are more match with any dress, the warm champagne color pearls are even more noble and dignified , increase the calm temperament for styles.

Party wear:

Single pearl necklace is classic design,and more suitable for a wedding, or slightly more older women, pearl pendant mixed match with color gemstones, the diamond necklace will appear more dynamic.

Whenever the choice of a single bead earrings, or pendant earrings, it is more better that not matched with a necklace, too grand matche ways will counter-productive. Black pearl, white pearl are more suitable for any dress, champagne pearl can be used with a white dress, champagne dress.

Popular wear:

Animal-shaped jewelry with the greatest value is light the shape ,and at the same time it will be remember by people by the first eye. Regardless of animal's facial features, patterns, three-dimensional decoration will be very impressive for people.

Party wear:

It is need to fully understand own style, such activities are most suited to good girl, choose the butterfly inlay ring will add extra points than the snake-like bracelet, and miss big fashion choices ladybug earrings will lose the flavour of lady.

The animals-shaped ring, necklaces, and bracelets have more three-dimensional feeling, insect pendant earrings with walking will increase the fresh sense of swing.


The Legend of gold jewelry

Gold is the glory of the sun; gold jewelry, Gold jewelry, it is the glorious warmth mapped in the hearts of women. It no longer a synonym for vulgar in the minds, also it is no longer the exclusive jewelry of noble lady.

Gold is precious metals of the earliest human use. In the world of complex metal, it is not the most rare, also it is not the most widely used, refining the difficulty is not the biggest, but because it is irreplaceable currency in circulation, so it is the most precious metal that people are welcome. We use it, and infatuated with it. For jewelry designer, the gold is most easy-to-shape, so the gold jewelry destined to be everyone concerned things.

Gold is a symbol of wealth. Now the passage of time, gold also stands in the forefront of its eternal value, representing the fashion trend, we have to admire its potential, but also have to believe that the gold will be brought back a beautiful golden light of heart.

Bvlgari gold numismatics long necklace

Bvlgari Jewelry Collection of antique gold necklace y numismatica long paragraph, mosaic 7 Alexander III period (about BC 336 BC -323 years) numismatica, which has enough to prove its worth value.

Bvlgari B.zero1 design idea meaning "beginning" and "end" the two extremes, but also expressed "the past" and "now" ultra-realism complex meaning.Although these gold jewelry is not the best luxury, but you can enjoy the golden sun bathing and baptism, and people are full of sunshine, sunflower reverie.

Cartier 18K gold decorated black lacquer ring

Gold, the interpretation of the charm. Black, interpretation of the mystery. Gold and black mix of elegant style, tend to exotic mystery, beautifully designed exaggerated, full of neutral temperament, luxurious but introverted, mysterious and warm.

Tiffany Elsa Peretti Feather Necklace

Tiffany Elsa Peretti series of gold scorpion necklace, snake necklace, and feather-shaped necklace with 18K gold sculpted, designer miraculous objects of nature, in the collar across, Smart winds through charming flirtatious. In the quiet of surging passion and found that the beauty is so timeless casual, like a ray of sunshine that has been deeply immersed in their hearts.

Van Cleef & Arpels Papillon Butterfly Series

If I was become a golden butterfly, and i will dance on the highest branches, quietly accompany your left and right, only the gold jewelry is a call for me. Like the South of France Azur e numerous shuttle flying butterflies, Van Cleef & Arpels Papillon is a decorating best choice for women, interpretation of a pleasant temperament. K gold material butterflies dance with the wearer who trippingly wings, it is show the characteristics of women like fantasy exhaustive.

Martine Wester 2010 Valentine's Day Special Presentation

British pop jewelry brand Martine Wester every quarter will launch designing exquisite jewelry at reasonable prices to consumers of the world, style from relax occasion to the dinner are easily to find jewelry for different populations. In 2010 the eve of Valentine's Day, Martine Wester has also launched a series of sweet jewelry,and it reveal unique flavour of an elegant woman.

Martine Wester 2010 Valentine's Day Special Presentation, love, love exclusive series. A gold heart, fine gold necklace designed,which to create a sweet atomsphere. Shiny Horseshoe and matte powder crystal, the intention is simple and pure: "true love, truly wish!"

Martine Wester 2010 Valentine's Day new jewelry series

Design concept of jewelry are enter into a large number of charming slim, chic and elegant woman flavour. Selection of sparkling crystal to show pure love like crystal. Single Swarovski crystal placed in the heart-shaped base, reflect the love is the only. And horseshoe that bringing good luck in the Western culture studded diamond pieces and crystal as embellishment, gathered the good wishes for men and women in love. The series, the details have highlight the designers sincere wishes. Each gold-plated jewelry should be the hope for love between men and women to commemorate a string of flashing day, to show off an exclusive love to the world.


The world's top ten beautiful engagement diamond ring

Tiffany's famous jewelry is so splendid, if with a Tiffany diamond engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most warm and wishful thing when get marry.

1. Jean Schlumberger diamond ring

Jean Schlumberger is a top designer jewelry master, the media commented that Jean Schlumberger have enduring imagination and creativity, their work will bring you to the top jewelry design summit and enjoy so attracted beauty of the world. This diamond engagement ring price is about 2.4 million U.S. dollars.

2. Square diamond ring

The large square diamond ring with a strong retro flavor. In the middle of engagement ring is a square big diamonds, around big diamonds with some small diamonds, this design style brings to mind the time of Edward VII diamond ring. The ring cost about 4040 U.S. dollars.

3.Tiffany Setting diamond ring

In the selection of diamond engagement ring, some people do not like the retro style ring. Then take a look at Tiffany Setting diamond ring, this diamond ring's six claw hold up a beautiful inlaid diamonds in the middle, which sells for about 1090 U.S. dollars.

4. Emerald Circle refined platinum diamond ring

This pondering emerald diamond ring is one of the Tiffany Setting diamonds ring. Diamonds with fine workmanship, platinum ring produced, its market price is about 4390 U.S. dollars.

5. Emerald diamond ring Sato

This Emerald diamond center have pondering a well-carved diamond grinding, diamond carved horn can be reflect the beautiful of light, and its market price is about 5750 U.S. dollars.

6. Oval-shaped diamond engagement ring

This is a oval diamond rings under Tiffany brand, when girls wear this diamond rings will like a fairy princess,the market price is about 4390 U.S. dollars.

7. Tiffany three diamond ring

If you are very fond of diamonds, come and take a look at this mosaic of three diamond engagement ring. In the backdrop of this three diamond,the rings were especially dazzling. The ring cost about 4250 U.S. dollars.

8. LUCIDA diamond ring

In modern society, fashion and design simplicity of the high-end jewelry is also subject to young people, this ring that called LUCIDA diamond ring exposed a very simple design and fashion, it sells for 1970 U.S. dollars.

9. Tiffany "Star" diamond ring

The French name "Star" diamond ring designed to be very simple, stylish. Polished diamonds directly embedded in platinum ring, its market price is 1430 U.S. dollars.

10. "Pear-shaped" diamond ring

This diamond ring design is break the tradition, it presents the appearance of a "pear", when girls wear it on your hand, the finger will appear to be more slender, this diamond engagement ring priced at 4390 U.S. dollars.

Blue Sea: Swarovski 2010 Spring & Summer Series

Spring-Summer 2010 Swarovski jewelry and accessories to inspire from valuable water resources as a unique symbol of the creative theme. Swarovski Creative Director trying to use this important series of the quarter, namely "Beyond Nature" trilogy, the second part, to explore this theme's charm. This series shows all manner of shapes and colors,they are the workd that pay tribute to rich in species and the marine world . With new materials, as well as integration into the delicate shades of imitation crystal, creating the surface reflects the thousands of glorious results. Water, not only give unlimited inspiration to designed, but also satisfy all of our desires ─ pleasant stay, exotic feelings, youth breath and enjoy life.


Minimalist Aesthetic Jewelry

Minimalism, but also translated as minimalist, which is rise after World War II by the 20th century 60 years, faction of an art, but also referred to Minimal Art. If we say that the end of the traditional arts in the impressionist, Then at the end of modern art is minimalist, which began the post-modern art in the ascendant.

Complexity and simplicity is the eternal cycle of the bipolar fashion. Complex jewelry bring exquisite carving of ornate and like prosperity for Grace, while the extremely simple jewelry has brought completely different look and feel, perhaps,the prevalence of minimalist jewelry,which is jewelry industry for Less is more philosophy and practice, but also perhaps for the simple pursuit, the original is kept in our hearts to the simple, back to nature real aspirations.

Earrings / Tiffany

Features tips: minimalist jewelry stress show the original outline of things, such as the most common round. How to use the most intuitive, the most common profile to express the jewelry designer's inspiration,which is the simple Jewelry's mainly top priority.

Necklace / Tiffany

Suitable for women: not pretentious, not hypocritical, which is common spiritual kernel of simple jewelry. Therefore, this class jewelry is ideal for the generous, hard work, work style, sophisticated women.

Two pendant necklace ring / Niessing

This ornaments of Niessing, with a straightforward geometric contours represent the jewels of Germany design style - concise, but no shortage of visual changes and tension. the jewelry designer play the extremely of the scalability and texture of metal for the jewelry, showing an unprecedented design. In addition to all carved and inlaid jewelry, but also by a personal beauty.

Former minimalism jewelry strongly reject any form of precious stones inlaid, it will focus on the design and using a single material to express the texture and contour of jewelery. This year's minimalist jewelry has some treasure stone to join, of course, it still clung to join the major themes of simplicity, mosaic method is extremely simple, not complicated, absolutely it does not affect the main expression of the precious metals.

Relative to other styles of jewelry, in fact, the adaptable of minimalist jewelry for occasions and clothing are quite strong. This is like the same simple clothes and always has the largest number of fans. Therefore, if you want to give a jewelry gift to a female friend , then the minimalist jewelry is absolutely wise choice. She can be easily match with its own wardrobe of clothing.

Why LV film so love lying posture?

"Lying" can inspire desire to purchase? Why Louis Vuitton such love for lying posture?

From an aesthetic point of view, in the prone position of women can show the body's curves perfectly, while the curve is the best line inspired fantasy, no wonder the streamlined design is most admired in industrial. This smooth curve, not only is good enough for men, for women are also kinds of sensory stimulation, and the beautiful in the picture naturally inspired roll-fantasies of women targets in mind. Temptation, who can resist this?

From the physics point of view, lying is a kind of force dispersed, so as to achieve the most comfortable state of the human body ... in other words, this gesture models can present the best working condition. (Of course this is my speculation, in addition to sleep, do not imitation), of course, a good state of the model, followed by another and "beautiful" with the endless tear the relationship, then converted to the aesthetic point of view and then again to promote appetites.

From psychological perspective, lying down is the best way to think. There are tests showed that with the standing or sitting position compared to, when people are lying, they solve problems faster. "The Thinker," seated, so he is still sitting there thinking, but Marc Jacobs, he was lying down, now have 100 million in sales.


Top 10 Global Brands Bridal Jewelry Great Show (2)

6. Swarovski

One hundred years, Swarovski has reached 2 billion U.S. dollars of assets today, the product always appears in the film, by Nicole Kidman and Ivan McGregor starred in "Moulin Rouge", Audrey Hepburn starred in "Sabrina" and Grace Kelly's "High Society" have the lens Swarovski products.

7. Mikimoto

Japanese Mikimoto, Mr. Mikimoto Kokichi founder of Mikimoto jewelry, who has enjoy the reputation "the King of Pearls " (The Pearl King), in his method of creating an artificial pearl cultivation ancient heritage to 2003, there is full 110 years history. This year MIKIMOTO Jewelry opened its first store in Shanghai,China. To show the endless charm of variety of pearl jewelry to the world . And now available establishment 103 outlets around the world, which is in charge of the fourth-generation descendant of the family Toyohiko Mikimoto. At present, Mr. Ito served as president of the company. Mikimoto jewelry in Shanghai next year will launched new "Diamond Series" products. Mikimoto jewels of classic quality and elegance with the eternal pursuit of perfection, worthy of known as the "The Pearl King."


CHOU DAI FUK, founded in 1929, after that moved to Hong Kong and the formal establishment gold and jewelery company, after 70 years of ups and downs, and gradually laid in the Hong Kong jewelry industry leadership. Nevertheless, the pressure of market competition is still there. In order to search for new breakthroughs and growth points, CHOU DAI FUK in the last century 90 years to enter into the Chinese market and decisively - to set up Wuhan CHOU DAI FUK Jewelery Co., Ltd. as a symbol, formally sounded the horn attack the mainland retail market. In just a few years, CHOU DAI FUK development of nearly 200 the number of branches, becoming a "dark horse" of China's jewelry area, and was named one of China's 500 most valuable brands.

9. Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen is know as silverware, not only silverware, Danish National Museum of Art and the well-known Nordic directors Bilie August that won the Academy Award are involved. It can be described as heavyweight elite best. Combine the arts and fashion, it has become frequent in recent years very good thing, however, Georg Jensen has always been not use fashion as the brand, classic is the appropriate adjective, Georg Jensen in this points attack was not unexpected: advertised 100% hand-built, it will take "Moonlight, Denmark Summer Night Light, hazy dusk ... "to describe the silver sheen of the brands, each piece is rich in cultural and sculpture reveal physical beauty, appreciation of art, it does not have to spend re-financing, let the people enter into the museum to enjoy different outlook Georg Jensen, it is the original good intentions.

10. Pomellato

Pomellato Jewelry was from Italy, swept the world, even the big stars were all wearing Pomellato various jewelry, leaving a permanent shadows. And Pomellato Jewelry frequent participation in and organize international charitable activities, but also expanded Pomellato's reputation. Pomellato completely abandoned the old tradition that fine jewelry using only expensive materials in the past , extensive use colorful colored gemstones, and stressed the convex. Bright red garnet, crystal clear yellow drill, sedate lapis lazuli, lively amethyst etc,match with variable three-color gold material, so that each jewelry are easy to mix and match with leather or ribbon, it can be combined into leisure, and be a formal dress varied style suitable for modern.

Top 10 Global Brands Bridal Jewelry Great Show (1)

1. Cartier

This brand was called by England's King Edward VII as the "emperor's jewelers, jewelers of the Emperor," the famous brand in more than 150 years, it created many works of dazzling beauty. These works is not only creative boutique jewelry, but also has a very high artistic value, it is worth pondering appreciation, often because they had ownership of celebrities, which were covered with a layer of legend. Fron a huge necklace ordered from Prince India to the tiger-shaped glasses that go hand in hand with Duchess of Windsor, and large civilian Cocteau French Academy sword that full of symbols, Cartier tells one after another legend.

2. Tiffany

On September 18, 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany loan 1000 U.S. dollars as the capital, opened a company called Tiffany & Young's stationery and daily boutiques at No. 259 Broadway New York City, in opened the day's turnover is only 4.98 U.S. dollars; the property left behind by 3,500 million U.S. dollars when Tiffany died in 1902 . No wealth fall from heaven, from a small stationery boutique to today the world's largest jewelry companies, "classic" has become synonymous with TIFFANY, because there are too many people are proud to wear jewelry TIFFANY. It is a common sedimentary history of the development so far.


Diamonds represent the steadfast love, it has always been considered to be witness the election of gifts of love on the emotional. As a result, the diamond also naturally become the most talked about things where a precious and beautiful. Each couple's love is unique, each beautiful combination also need the most special to commemorate,we are more hope for the old body can bloom in their most beautiful and unique styles when wearing the diamond! NASDAQ main board listed company on the solid background for ENZO brand is capable of achieving your dreams, by virtue of subversive leap of diamond technology, the avant-garde design that combination by international superstar designer and derived from ancient Chinese auspicious meanings , so that ENZO88 deservedly become the most glittering emblem in emotional season !

4. Oxette

The "Greek Goddess", on a quarterly basis can be put on her "new clothes." that from top designers from across Europe tailored. With 925 silver-based material, interspersed with South Africa, South America natural gemstones, semi-precious stones, synthetic stones and Swarovski crystal-type crystal, full of elegance and fashion. "She" in all product are complete design and production , whether it is rings, earrings or necklace, after the designer's perfect match, all make their unique qualities to be the greatest show. Oxette is the international recognized fashion jewelry brand, 100% Europe hand-made to create the beautiful and each product unique, excellent quality and superior design, it is worth every stylish woman-owned.

5. Boucheron

As the top jewelry brands of GUCCI Group, Boucheron was founded in 1858, its perfect cutting technology and superior quality of stones are known in the world, it is the industry leader in jewelry, luxury characterization. Now, Boucheron have become an international brand, in Europe, Russia, the United States, Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan and other places to open boutiques, and in mainland China opened its first boutique - Bund 18 shop. Boucheron is one of the world's few jeweler brand that consistently maintain high-level jewelry and watches exquisite craftsmanship and traditional style.