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Minimalist Aesthetic Jewelry

Minimalism, but also translated as minimalist, which is rise after World War II by the 20th century 60 years, faction of an art, but also referred to Minimal Art. If we say that the end of the traditional arts in the impressionist, Then at the end of modern art is minimalist, which began the post-modern art in the ascendant.

Complexity and simplicity is the eternal cycle of the bipolar fashion. Complex jewelry bring exquisite carving of ornate and like prosperity for Grace, while the extremely simple jewelry has brought completely different look and feel, perhaps,the prevalence of minimalist jewelry,which is jewelry industry for Less is more philosophy and practice, but also perhaps for the simple pursuit, the original is kept in our hearts to the simple, back to nature real aspirations.

Earrings / Tiffany

Features tips: minimalist jewelry stress show the original outline of things, such as the most common round. How to use the most intuitive, the most common profile to express the jewelry designer's inspiration,which is the simple Jewelry's mainly top priority.

Necklace / Tiffany

Suitable for women: not pretentious, not hypocritical, which is common spiritual kernel of simple jewelry. Therefore, this class jewelry is ideal for the generous, hard work, work style, sophisticated women.

Two pendant necklace ring / Niessing

This ornaments of Niessing, with a straightforward geometric contours represent the jewels of Germany design style - concise, but no shortage of visual changes and tension. the jewelry designer play the extremely of the scalability and texture of metal for the jewelry, showing an unprecedented design. In addition to all carved and inlaid jewelry, but also by a personal beauty.

Former minimalism jewelry strongly reject any form of precious stones inlaid, it will focus on the design and using a single material to express the texture and contour of jewelery. This year's minimalist jewelry has some treasure stone to join, of course, it still clung to join the major themes of simplicity, mosaic method is extremely simple, not complicated, absolutely it does not affect the main expression of the precious metals.

Relative to other styles of jewelry, in fact, the adaptable of minimalist jewelry for occasions and clothing are quite strong. This is like the same simple clothes and always has the largest number of fans. Therefore, if you want to give a jewelry gift to a female friend , then the minimalist jewelry is absolutely wise choice. She can be easily match with its own wardrobe of clothing.

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