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Luxury jewelry help you become the party queen

In fact, to break the fall and winter's dull it is no need to stick at clothes or make-up. Browse the latest fashion ceremonies and parties, the stars and aristocratic are admiration of the colorful jewelry. A simple dress for the Christmas and New Year with a variety of prepared color treasure rings, so lucky to bloom at your fingertips.

18K gold ruby ring

"Hanabi" series

Small pieces of square cut rubies quite nostalgic taste,the fine mosaics from Europe highlights the aristocratic atmosphere of the ring. Layer upon layer lines like the night sky in brilliant fireworks, it seems immersed blooming flowers, the true nature of self-confidence of women flaunt charm.

For hundreds of years, ruby has always been regarded as having a special power of treasures. In the Bible that only wisdom can be comparable with the value of ruby. And this ring of "Hanabi" series , while the use of rubies and diamonds.

HDP ruby diamond necklace

In the parties, so long as wear this necklace jewelry to modification of a perfect neck, we can upgrade from the inside to outside the confidence.

Emerald ring

In any party as long as a little black dress match with this ring is best running mate.

Oval Aquamarine

Oval-shaped aquamarine is noble and elegant, with the same mystery of the sea. Whether innocent little princess, or customs million species of intellectual women, will be adding to the female because of its gentle temperament. Pursuit fashion to highlight individuality, this classic ring is not necessarily the most eye-catching bright spot, but must be accompanied by your most long-standing love of your heart.

Outlook 2010 fashion jewelry, from the inspiration of nature to become a major element of the spring and summer 2010. As a result, yellow crystal with the dazzling brilliance of the gem-like is comeback again, so that the designers have the opportunity to get close to nature.

HDP Jade Earrings

Emerald necklace

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