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Dior high-technology craftwork of top-quality Jewelry

The every series of Dior top-quality jewelry have to go through rigorous design process, such as sketch design, outline design, color design. They can able to see the design process to the jewelry patterns, contours and colors, all of them have very precise requirements.

1.Design steps:

They will according to the design of partial drawings and unfinished jewelry parts contrast, and then the best design will be submitted to the production of the Paris Workshop, Workshop in accordance with their level of technology as well as jewelry and charm, to grasp the degree to choose whether or not its production.

2.Painting process:

To apply colorful paint for advanced jewelry sector is the initiative of Victoire, from Diorette series to BelladoneIsland series and MillyCarnivora series, this step processes require very sophisticated artist loyal to the designer's original.

The flower on rings must be individually paint each petal, butterfly wings of the painting takes about 15 minutes, the entire rings takes about 3 hours.

3.Manual assembly:

All parts of advanced Jewelry is assembly done by hand. Artisans will be drilling on the location of each element of pre-installed. Diorette series, for example, they want to quit adhere all parts of elements of carely, firmly fixed to ensure that no loose, and then finalizing on the ring.

BelladoneIsland series also needs to undergo the similar installation procedures, especially the organs of complex design for individual products, and the longer time-consuming. Once finalized, the craftsmen would use file for finishing the entire piece, for further details of cleaning to do.

4.Gem stone mosaic:

Mosaics in advanced jewelry making is an extensive and profound knowledge, according to the different shape of stone and design to apply different mosaics craftwork. For Diorette series,using three-claw inlaid bouquet elements, the central stones inlaid with four claws.

In BelladoneIsland series and MillyCarnivora series, all involved in the central gem mosaic, artisans will be the first to make mark at the central gem, as far as possible in order to accurately fixed-precious stones wrapped in the claw feet on the stones.

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