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Anna Hu advanced jewelry new series

It is anticipated in 2010 has come, Valentine's Day has become a hot topic for everyone, however, stepped into the 2010 Valentine's Day gift is the first gift to be prepared. The newly hot ethnic Chinese jewelry designer Anna Hu have launched its integration process of Eastern aesthetics and Western New Advanced Jewelry Series "Yue Lao Love knot" (Love Knot). The jewelry series of classic and full of artistic sense, and Eastern aesthetics and Western technology with the perfect integration.

Yue Lao love knot earrings

"Yue Lao Love Knot" series is works that Anna Hu and London designer jewelry boutique Kabiri cooperation, and in particular for its design of the high-level jewelry series. A full set of jewelry will display in the Kabiri in the UK's top department store Selfridges in fine arts and jewelry store and available for collectors. Kabiri in the jewelry industry has a remarkable influence on its commitment to the budding of the highest quality and perfect creative jewelry designers to the world. In the Kabiri kind invitation, Anna Hu created this new jewelry series, this series of classic and full of artistic sense, and Eastern aesthetics and Western technology of the perfect integration.

Yue Lao Love knot brooch

Anna Hu New "Yue Lao Love knot" (Love Knot)-series inspired by the legend from the ancient Chinese sweet belief: Yue Lao Red Line (The Red String of Fate) is an invisible red line, regardless of where their location, the men and women from Yuelao red line connected must be meet, to accompany. According to this romantic fairy tale, Yuelao in charge of the helm of this world marriage. In the ankle of one men and one women with an invisible red line, which will one day married. People desire the arrival of sweet love and hope Yuelao soon as possible will bring happiness to their marriage and link of the red line. Anna Hu from this touching love stories in ancient China to draw inspiration, creating the most exquisite Yuelao red bracelets and rings. From the 410 ruby fine natural round bracelets and 49 natural round ruby ring,they have fine lines and knot sleek smooth wrapped,which presents Anna Hu France's top jewelry jewelry perfect process. The well-known magazine WWD reports exclaimed: "Do not know what kind of magic, so that the composition of the lines of ruby, as even fine hair." Anna Hu pinnacle of technology for the jewelry can be seen relentless challenge.

Yue Lao love knot pendant

Anna will be see jewelry design as their own mission, and devoted all of its. For the release of new series, of emotion to talk about Anna: "I dream that from some of the beautiful legend to capture the perfect inspiration to create jewelry. I hope that my jewelry will give the people to bring love, peace and happiness . For me, jewelry is a symbolic, and it is the one I know best and favorite art. "

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