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Tiffany 2010 Blue Book Jewelry Series

Cesium Beryl Pendant

In Tiffany's history, colored gemstones is occupies a pivotal position, color gemstone is also an important factor that Tiffany to become the world's leading jewelry brand.

Blue Book luxury jewelry series

The tradition is also have showing in this luxurious Blue Book series, and have been able to focus on embodiment, purple, blue, pink, yellow sapphire, color saturation of the green gems, tourmaline, Kun Sri Lanka stone, manganese aluminum garnet, grossular , ruby, they can reflect the greatest degree of fire and light mining circular pendant, long-shaped pendant earrings.

Bird of Paradise brooch

Tiffany Blue Book luxury jewelry series allow you to close contact with Tiffany's only customer-oriented design concepts and processes through the long history of jewelry, these magnificent treasures have been far beyond the traditional gemstone jewelry expert definition and application.

Pillow-shaped cut cocktail ring

In the the design world of Tiffany, it is full of endless charm, the pink sapphire can play caused by cherry blossoms, while the diamonds can be interpreted as a beautiful lace, but also relief carved beautiful flowers.

Pendant bracelet

For Tiffany's craftsmen, the material will never impede unrestrained imagination and jewelry design, where they already have a deeper meaning ...

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