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Hurun's 2010 "Best of the Best" Awards Announced Winners

In Hurun's 2010 "Best of the Best" Awards there were some clear winners including Cartier, Patek Philippe, Bentley, Giorgio Armani and Vertu.

Cartier was crowned the leading jewellery brand for the fifth year running, while Patek Philippe was named greatest luxury watchmaker. After a three year absence Cartier also took back the title of best jewellery watch from Piaget.

Meanwhile Giorgio Armani won the best fashion brand for the sixth year in succession and Vertu was rated the best luxury mobile brand. Vertu was such an outright winner that it was deemed in a class of its own.

In its sixth edition Hurun surveyed 383 mainland millionaires, each brand with assets of at least RMB 10 million ($1.5 million). 66 of those individuals had assets in excess of RMB 100 million.

Here's a run down of the other big categories:
Cars - The Bentley Continental Flying Spur wins the Best Super Luxury Car for Self-Drive category and the Rolls Royce Phantom for Business.

Cosmetics - Chanel leads the Best Skincare category followed by Dior.

Accessories - Armani and Hermes are the category leaders.

Private Banking - China Merchant’s Bank has dominated two categories, the Best Bank for Onshore Personal Banking and Best Credit Card Issuing Bank. HSBC is the best foreign bank.

Private Clubs - Chang’An is the Best Private Club in China, however there is a strong tendency for regional private clubs to make an impact. Mission Hills Golf Club is still the number one golf club.

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