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Birthstones of each month

January - Garnet is the January birthstone. While most associate deep red stones with garnets,which can be other colors like brown, orange and even green. January's alternate birthstone is rose quartz.

February - Beautiful amethyst is the stone for February and onyx is the alternative.

March - The March gemstone is aquamarine. The second stone for March is bloodstone, also known as red jasper.

April - Ever-popular diamonds are the stones for those born in April, with rock crystal serving as an alternate.

May - Lovely green emerald is the May stone and chrysoprase is the alternate.

June - June has not one but three birthstones - pearl is the primary stone, with alexandrite and moonstone as alternates.

July - Appropriately, fiery red ruby is the stone for hot July. Carnelian is an alternate birthstone.

August - The August stone is peridot, with sardonyx listed as the August alternate.

September - Sapphires are the stones for September birthdays. Although commonly blue, sapphires can also be pink, green, purple, yellow or orange. Lapis Lazuli is the alternate.

October - Opal is the birthstone for the month of October, with tourmaline the alternate.

November - Yellow topaz is November's primary stone and citrine is the alternate.

December - For those born in December, turquoise and alternates tanzanite and blue topaz are the stones used in birthstone jewelry.

Mysterious Acquamarine Jewelry

Beautiful Legend of the “Mermaid Stone”

According to folk-custom and the legend, the acquamarine on the birthday stone watch arrayed on the International Jewelry Institute was officially named as March’s birthstone. The watch isn’t listed randomly,it concentrates the essence of Chinese and Western culture and realization of the folk-custom culture and the acquamarine.

The name Acquamarine originated from Latin word“Sea Water”,as they found that the color of acquamarine is as blue as the sea water.Therefore,acquamarine was endowed with the quality of water and considered to come from the bottom of the sea. Thereafter, there’s lunatique between acquamarine and “water”.

It’s said that a crowd of mermaids ever lived in the deep sea.They used to wear acquamarine as their accessories,dressing themselves.In the emergency time,they would expose the acquamarine to the sunshine,so that they could obtain mysterious power to help themselves.Thus,the acquamarine has a nickname“mermaid stone”,which foiled with the March’s Pisces perfectly.

The “magic”of acquamarine

Wherever in the east or west,water is considered to be life origin and March is the very time for living creature to be active.Therefore,the watery acquamarine was considered as March’s birthday stone,symbolizing calm,brave and intelligent.It’s commonly thought that wearing acquamarine can have the ability of foreseeing.

For a long time,acquamarine was honored as amulet,especially for those who lived on the sea for years, because of it’s close connection with water.Some of them even thought that the acquamarine can even seize oceanic soul . For centuries,the sailors who spent most of the time at sea,used it as a prayer to pray for the safety of the sailing.Therefore,the acquamarine was also named “Mascot Stone”.

If you watch carefully,you will find that in the movie“Pirates of Caribbean”,most sailors who wore many garish things,will also wore a piece of blue gem stone on their necks.Certainly,the gem stone will differ by the sailors’ different ranks.


Besides praying for safety,the acquamarine is also called “love stone”.In the acient Greek mythology,there’s a Aeolus named Loren,who is handsome but poor.Then he fell in love with a mortal lady,which is forbidden by the celestial beings.He finally sacrificed himself for his loyal love.Loren begged the Angus Venus for storing his soul into the acquamarine,as Mrach’s birthday stone,blessing people pursuing for their own love.Therefore,people in the Mediterranean Country were fond of wearing acquamarine,so that they can have sweet love and happy marriage. What’s more interesting, there’s another saying of love about acquamarine—wearing it is in favor of seitensprung and aventure,which sounds inviting.We have no idea of whether it’s true or not.

In the middle age of European,the craftsman would carve the acquamarine into thin pieces in needed.Fixed in visual holes of a certain device,the nobles can see farther place,which was probably the origin of telescope.Acquamarines with tranquility and cleanest looking would be made into mirrors.Some wizards sticked to that such mirrors can be applied to augury.You must be familiar with the “magic mirror”of the tinpot queen in the story“Snow White”.The “magic mirror” in the same movie was made of acquamarine,from which we can see the western people’s superstition upon acquamarine.

Precious“Luminova Gem Stone”

The acquamarine is totally different from blue gem stone.Acquamarine,emerald and green gem stone all are called Beryl.Acquamarine is generally sky blue or sea blue, with thin layer and transparent hexagonal prism crystal shape.The acquamarine will be more glaring with the light at night.Thus,someone also called it“Luminova Gem Stone”.It’s crisp,easy explosive under high temperature and fire faded.You should keep away from being crashed and avoid the fire.The most famous origin was Brazil,followed by Russia and China.

Acquamarine is habitually called “Blue Crystal”and ranked to be the middle class gem stone in China.However,the price of acquamarine has been raising in recent years.The key factors to decide the value of acquamarine are size and color.There’re not many acquamarine over tens carats in the world.A piece of transquility VCAZ acquamarine crystal with a length of 19 inches and width of 16 inches,weighing 243 pounds was found in Brazil in the early 20th century,which was the biggest acquamarine ever found.Knowing about it,people surged for purchasing.Finally,it was bought by a German at a orice of 10 thousand mark.

According to the medical professors,the water dipped with acquamarine can heal eye disease and hiccup.It also has a certain curative effect upon respiratory sensitive,teeth disease and skin problem.Such a beautiful and magic thing is really the nature’s bestow upon human beings. 

With the development of science,people have deep trust on the saying that birthday stone can avoid evils and bring fortune。However,as a cutural precipitation and good desire,the custom of wearing birthday stone will circulate from generation to generation.


Harlow 1960 Jewelry Collection

Nicole Richie will be releasing a jewelry collection with Mouawad. “The collection is targeted at girls in their teens to women in their 30s who admire her and the prices range from $30 to $150.

Mouawad is aiming to put Richie’s pieces, which feature fabric, leather, silk strings, chains, rivets, feathers and gold-plated metals.” The jewelry is said to be influenced by Nicole’s love of the 60s and 70s. The collection will debut in the new Kitson store on Melrose.This gold-plated sundial ring with leather (pictured) was inspired by “African jewelry”, quite nice- I love big rings. I can’t wait to see what else she came up with! Stay tuned…

The Palace Wedding Party Jewelry

Key points for a palace wedding party:

1,Handicraft delicate wedding dress

Handicraft wedding dress is essential for a luxurious wedding party.With substantial handicraft embroidery, beading and steric ruffle,your wedding dress can be extant Excellent Art!It’s necessary to apply little trimmings like the classic lace mantilla and gloves etc.,which can create an romantic atmosphere.

It’s common nowadys to make custom-order—find a satisfied designer and discuss again and again to finish their own wedding dress,meanwhile, they can make a groovy and fashionable friend,which will make your wedding full of fun.

2,Delicate and rarefied jewelry

Eternal and meaningful classic work concentrated within famous brand,which is a groovy way to witness your own love oath.The luxurious and elegant bride will choose big jewelry with name and wedding date on it.

3,Plump hair style

The exaggerated and glaring jewelry and wedding graments match plump hair style well.Simple hair style can use mantilla to complement the integrity of the whole style.Hair accessories will make you get bonus point for you whole style.Random long hair style is not modesty and formal enough for a wedding party.


Seven“most”that you have to know about emerald

1,The most sacred place of emerald-Columbia 

The distributing of emerald isn’t restricted within one place,while many countries found it ,too.The earliest to be found and explored emerald mine located in Egypt’s Cleopatra field.

Actually,the earliest one to be massively explored was in 1537, in Columbia,South America,where had the highest output,taking up 80% of the world’s whole emerald output(about 2 million carats emerald material) and best quality.

Besides,emerald ws also found in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Brazil,etc. However, Columbia still has the best emerald in the world.

2,Key pricing factor-scarce output

Though many places,whose output is far more less than other diamonds of the same rank,have emerald,we can even say that only one can be found to be emerald from every one million green Beryl mine.Emerald is fragile and easy to be broken during exploring.

When something is scarce, it is precious.As it’s difficult to explore and scarce in the world, the emerald becomes truly precious diamond in the world and named to be the most valuable diamond of the American imported valued colored diamonds.

3,The most important Criterion of Assessment-color

The green color decides the emerald’s value,it's not good with too light or too dark green.Only the mediate green ones with beautiful gloss can become superbes,whose chroma from dark to vivid,hue from mediate to mediate-dark,good transparency and well-distributed color.Even slight color variation will greatly vary the prices.

It’s commonly thought that emeralds form the most famous Chivor and Achieva mines will wear a little bit blue,which is considered to be the best emerald. Meanwhile,it will become truly superbes if they are in good clarity,etc..

4,The most needless demanding factor—100% purity

There is an saying,“the more lucid it is,the more precious it will be”.Though many emeralds are lucid enough,the impurity within it is more likely to be found,which is also the basis of “natural”.No natural colored diamonds is 100% pure,impurity and cranny are characters of all natural diamonds.

Colored diamonds supreme by their own colors,while we can’t equal purity demand with diamond benchmarking.

5,The best cutting method—Emerald Cut

The common way for cutting emerald is “Emerald Cut”.. Emerald Cut used to be applied upon emerald,lessening huge pressure during cutting,so that drilling cuttings can be avoided. Meanwhile,cutting technology is not considered to be an inportant problem in the modern time,when emerald cut method is being applied on multiple styles of diamonds.

“Emerald Cut”method can cut for 50 facets of the diamonds.Seen from the top,emerald cutting is just like rectangles bitten off angles.The diamonds with trapmf facets are considered to be the most beautiful diamonds,whose dazzling brilliance on the trapmf angel will be shown beyond the diamonds.

This is another“Trapmf Cut”method with trapmf-like layers,which commonly are four corners or stretched facet.It’s so-called “Trapmf Cut”because of the wide and coaxial trapiziform sides it cuts out.

6,The least investment criteria-more than one carat

Speaking of precious gemstone,you will blurt ou“diamond”. Actually,the price of a good emerald of diamond-size is far more higher than the diamond.Most emeralds are particles,weighing less than one carat.If the emerald is good enough and weighing above one carat,even two carats,it will be quite precious and sells at an incredible price.

7,The biggest purchasing trap- artificial cultivating

You should be careful if you want to buy some emeralds when travelling abroad,as there’s a“cultivated emerald gemstone”,which is cultivated under high temperature and high pressure after grinding and purifying the natural Beryl of poor quality.

It’s shining and dazzling with tempting tranquility.Sometimes, these artificial gemstones will on sale in some appointed jewelry store.You shoulde not be too surprised to see the charming gemstones and ultralow discount privilege,as natural good emerald will not be so cheap and no discount.Though the cultivated emeralds are also made of natural Beryl ,their prices varies from the genuine ones.

ACB’s Chain tassel necklace

Do you also have a tassel necklace? Do you want to own one for yourself? Please read on…ACB’s chain and leather tassel necklace will bring a subtle shot of boho-chic to any off-duty ensemble.

Team this necklace with a V-neckT-shirt for an effortless addition to your look.It can be well matched with a Kain tank,Doma jacket,Christian Louboutin boots,Chloe bag and 7 for all mankind jeans.Bronze metal chain-link necklace with leather detail.

ACB necklace has chain tassels and a designer-stamped tag and and lobster clasp to fasten at the back of the neck.Drop of necklaces measures approximately 57cm/22 inches.Selling at a price of £333.30.


Authentic Ancient Gold Jewelry

The use of Gold in Rome grew beyond its use as jewelry expanded into household items and furniture in the homes of the higher classes. By the third century AD, the citizens of Rome wore necklaces that contained Coins with the image of the emperor. As Christianity spread through the continent, Europeans ceased burying their dead with their jewelry and thus, few examples survive from the Middle Ages, except those of royalty and from church hordes. Modern historians gather information about the jewelry of the middle ages from artwork and literature that began to develop during this time.

Among cultures of the Middle Ages, the Celts produced intricate Brooches while nearly every other region produced gold religious items. By the Renaissance, Classicism began to dictate the production of all art forms, and resulted in a rebirth in jewelry as an art form, in fact historians say artists such as Boticelli were apprentices in Goldsmith shops.

In the height of the Renaissance period, the houses of royalty competed to accumulate larger collections of jewelry, which eventually slowed only to increase again by the reign of Louis XIV in the 17th Century. Renaissance designs would influence most of the jewelry styles of Europe until the classic revival period of the 19th century. In the next Century, cameos began to resurface in the Roman tradition with a Gold frames as well as the chatelaine, an embossed gold pendant.

Lavalieres, small lockets made of gold and named for Louis XIV's mistress from the previous century were also popular. In the 19th century, the Industrial revolution led to increased mining through lower costs and the symbol of gold as an indicator of class disappeared. Berlin Iron jewelry pieces were iron replicas given to Germans, who had turned in their Gold to help pay for the war with Napolean.

Jewelry sparkling with strong decorated feeling

Ingenuity design ideas and fine-tuning manufacturing process allowing the jewelry to sparkle with strong decorated feeling.Not only the Van Cleef & Arpels filled with decorated feeling,but also the TSL flower shape Entrapture rings demonstrates different ethnics customs,fulfilling this autumn with warm human atmosphere.

New Jewelry of Tiffany 2009

To the global diamond authority Tiffany,is an essential part in people’s daily life. As we all know,the evening dresses need the shining diamonds to decorate. In the new desirable diamonds series,including 20 karat diamond-with price up to 6.5million US Dollars;the Tiffany Celebration layer rings, well matching purity with clarity; diamonds decorated butterfly brooch, with design inspiration drawn from the treasure, which is put in the Tiffany museum;earrings of crystal lamp shape;rose cut rings and diamond pandants of Art Deco style. As we see from the diamonds above, can you feel something?Yes,plain and aqua blue will be a new trend in the jewelry industry. Besides,their common place lies in their exaggerated and natural shape. Whether all these means it's time for us to return to the nature?

See 09Tiffany Blue Book luxurious jewelry of maple leaves shape.It seems to lure us into an imagination of wearing it on our neck-how shining and gorgeous we will look. With this elegant jewelry on yourself, you will be more confident and impossible to hide your happiness.

The twin diamonds in round shape can be your decoration for your evening dresses.As the pandants’ straps are also full of diamonds,slim though they are,people will focus on your pretty face and your fine skin beneath your gorgeous evening dress.

Earrings of crystal lamp shape will sway under the light,people will pay attention to the lady who is wear so beautiful earrings.Then you will become the focus of the party because of your shining earrings.

Diamond pandants of Art Deco style will be your another choice for your evening dress decoration.With radiation pattern maple leaves inside,it totally has seven pieces of leaves.However,they will glow and attract eyeballs.

Hottest personalized and wild fashion Jewelry for women during 2009

People’s interest in fashion jewelry is growing day by day, not least because they are easily accessible, affordable and look great. Especially in 2009, due to the global economic crisis, wood, plastic, glass, crystals and non-precious metals get more popularities as though lavish diamonds, white gold and golden will never be out of fashion, and still we can see that unique and wild fashion jewelry are fabulous. What’s more, most of the fashion jewelry can be bought and looked at in the local shop or increasing shops on the internet which can provide a large variety of such items suitable for different people.

Fashion jewelry comes in various types and includes bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and other ornaments. Also various styles such as beads, pearls, diamonds, chains, twist, and multi-chain or braided with elegant designs.

Bracelets, earrings and bracelets are often used to harmonize your clothing and overall look. If resources permit, you can buy a whole set of fashion jewelry to make your collection, and your appearance, near to perfect. Earrings are helpful in drawing away the attention from your face, shoulder and upper body. Some are dangling, shiny and simple while others are plain buttons on your ears. Choose the suitable one for your makeup and dressing.

Fashion jewelry and woman go hand in hand. Hardly a woman can be immune to the allure of a jewelry store. They are said to be innately aiming for a presentable appearance whether at work, at school or any other function or event. They have the option of having a ring or a handbag match with their style. Young girls nowadays are eager to be unique with everything especially dressing and clothing. Fashion jewelry can be a great help form them. And with so many choices in the market, some wild jewelry can save them a lot of time and money.

Golden necklace with lovely ume flower red randy and crystal, fashion colorful necklace with pink flower and crystal Japanese Korean style, fashion lovely black key holder chain ring shoe design with crystal, fashion lovely dark red key holder chain ring shoe design with crystal, unique beautiful flower earrings studs black and gold color with crystals, lovely turtle golden bracelet hand chain with crystals and so on.


Colors feast-Silbling rivalry of luxurious jewelry

This Chanel top jewelry series L’air, is a ruby necklace made of 18K platinum with Burma ruby and diamond.While the sapphire necklace of Bvigari top jewelry series is studded with diamond(8.32 carats) and colored sapphire(120.58 carats).

Radiant rings

Famous for its colored gem stons,the Allegra of Bvlgari top jewelry series has tricyclic golden rings. While the La Dona of Cartier top jewelry series has golden rings,which are studed with diamonds.With excellent craftsmanship and unqiue arrangement of embedding,lessen the visibility of the platinum base plate,the whole diamond is flating in the air.

The Cluster series of Harry Winston sapphire ring has a main diamond weighing 12.87 carats.The 24 pieces of round or water-drop shaped diamonds,which have a sum weight of 4.95 carats, are acting as a foil.


This ice-cream is really special with a twisted diamond chains with 18K platinum wrapped.This Chanel L’air ruby rings and earrings are embeded with three pieces of Burma ruby and diamond.It’s really an alluring picture!

Simple chains

Dior Joaillerie “Mimioui” earrings,necklaces and bracelets are all of simple style.Another one is Cartier Lanieres diamond bracelet.All are simple but elegant,showing feminity quality.

Color trimming

It’s far more than a sandwich! It includes:

Chanel Nuit Etoilee sapphire rings,earrings and bracelets.

Dior Joaillerie “Favorite” platinum diamond rings.
Dior Joaillerie “Gwendoline” black onyx rings
Dior Joaillerie “Gourmande Escargot” white moonstone rings
Van Cleef & Arpels senior jewelry
Alhambra Vintage necklace
Plume rings
Rose de Noel brooches
Bvlgari Allegra three-rowed bracelets
Cartier Lanieres golden bracelets

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