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Birthstones of each month

January - Garnet is the January birthstone. While most associate deep red stones with garnets,which can be other colors like brown, orange and even green. January's alternate birthstone is rose quartz.

February - Beautiful amethyst is the stone for February and onyx is the alternative.

March - The March gemstone is aquamarine. The second stone for March is bloodstone, also known as red jasper.

April - Ever-popular diamonds are the stones for those born in April, with rock crystal serving as an alternate.

May - Lovely green emerald is the May stone and chrysoprase is the alternate.

June - June has not one but three birthstones - pearl is the primary stone, with alexandrite and moonstone as alternates.

July - Appropriately, fiery red ruby is the stone for hot July. Carnelian is an alternate birthstone.

August - The August stone is peridot, with sardonyx listed as the August alternate.

September - Sapphires are the stones for September birthdays. Although commonly blue, sapphires can also be pink, green, purple, yellow or orange. Lapis Lazuli is the alternate.

October - Opal is the birthstone for the month of October, with tourmaline the alternate.

November - Yellow topaz is November's primary stone and citrine is the alternate.

December - For those born in December, turquoise and alternates tanzanite and blue topaz are the stones used in birthstone jewelry.

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