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16 Round Diamonds Pendant

Those who are looking for a special 16 diamond pendant will find that there are many choices available, since there are multiple ways that jewelry designers can arrange 16 round diamonds to create a stunning pendant pattern.

Some choose to mount the diamonds in a circle, while others choose triangles or other geometric shaped pendants to display the sparkling diamonds. Still others find that a cross or heart shape makes a pendant that is both meaningful and lovely.

Whatever the shape, there’s no denying that a pendant with 16 round diamonds endows it with more glamour.Diamond choice is another method jewelry designers use to create different types of diamond pendants, and this can greatly affect the price.

Generally, pendants with larger, higher quality diamonds will be priced higher, while those with smaller, low quality diamonds will be less expensive. Characteristics such as the number of flaws on the exterior of the diamond and on the interior of the diamond, which are used to determine the quality of the diamonds that go into the pendant. The flaw may be cracks, chips or spots in the diamond.

The following terms are what you may wondering when you are reading something about the diamond:

Flawless – This diamond is perfect, with no blemishes or inclusions visible under 10x magnification. These types of diamonds are extremely hard to find and are very expensive

Internally Flawless – This diamond is almost perfect but has some blemishes visible on the surface of the stone when viewed under 10x magnification.

VVS1 and VVS2 – These diamonds haves some tiny flaws, but are still highly desirable and costly.

VS1 and VS2 – These diamonds have larger flaws visible under magnification, but are still considered high quality gems.

SI1 – These diamonds are considered good quality. They have blemishes and inclusions larger than those of VS1 and VS2 gems, but these are generally not visible without a magnifier.

SI2 – Some of the blemishes and inclusions found in these diamonds can be seen by the naked eye.

I1 – Blemishes and inclusions can be seen by the naked eye. Lower quality.

I2 – Cloudy diamond with many blemishes and inclusions.

I3 – Very poor quality diamond, cloudy, lacking sparkle and shine.

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