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Noble Jewelry

Jewelry eyeglass/Cartier

For jewelry, in the concept of ordinary people, we usually thought of the scope of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings four major categories. However, for those who broke the love of jewelry, of course, for the people that have enough capital "play" for those who can afford to jewelry, the scope of jewelry are much more open minded. The things you know or you don't know, all of them could use the world's most precious metals and gems to create, from the tables,chairs, tableware to the tape, sewing boxes, housekeeper pagers; from powder box, lip gloss box to glasses, hairbrush ... ... objects for themselves are embodied in a thoroughly aristocratic atmosphere, which is an sense inside from the most ordinary details of the disclosed quality and luxury. Christmas is approaching, even though we are still can not have them, but also for the time being the first feast our eyes on something, nobody will know, maybe tomorrow they are become the plaything things on our desk?

The luxury yaht model of Van Cleef & Arpels that made by gold, silver, enamel, jade, rubies and ebony,which the materials describe the ultimate picture of the last century the number one New York's most beloved characters, Mr. Eugene Higgins's yacht, he had treated the King Christian XI of Denmark, the Russian Grand Duke Alexis and the German Emperor William I on the board. This works of art that personally Van Cleef & Arpels manufacturing and commissioned by himself.

If someone's tape boxes are made by enamel, gold and diamonds, thus his identity and status is no longer need any extra language to go into! This beautifully produced tape boxes of Cartier's most stunning process is the shine like the surface that star rated exquisite lines of the enamel. The intermediate composition of gold and diamond star-shaped pattern make the tape is even more gorgeous.

Phoenix with open wings and elegant stay in Cartier's creations.
The Cartier jewelry crafts is a powder box Phoenix with open wings and elegant stay in Cartier's creations. This crafts, is actually a powder box plus lipstick case that specially designed for women.

The jewelry decoration is made by gold, colorful gemstone, that vividly portraying the old-fashioned camera modeling, the shape is cute but much luxury.

Pearl Cufflinks/Anna Hu
The round pearl with gold buckle, which showing a pair of slightly playful sense of jewelry cufflinks.

Jewelry Comb/Cartier
The hairbrush is made of enamel and diamond, and the handle craft is very fine and smooth.

Jewelry powder box/Van Cleef & Arpels
The powder box is one of the accessory for elegant ladies in last century. Cosmetics box containing a mirror, powder box, and other decorating tool. This rose in the powder box is decorated with roses cut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and yellow sapphires drop-shaped; the edge of box that inlaid with black and green enamel and inlaid with diamonds; the embedded base is casting by gold and platinum.

Ring watch/Dior
The metal ring that filled with fashion feeling has been designed into a mini unexpectedly small dial. Design sense is full, and it very takes away people's eyes.

Crystal hairpin/Lalique
The old hairpin that made by crystal,gold and gemstone, the whoke shape pattern is full the sense of classic.

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