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The Winter Romantic: Derain Diamond Ornaments

Rose Pendant

This season is filled with love. Derain rose pendant, that using three-dimensional micro-inserts superb technology, clever solid diamonds and the moral of the eternal romance of roses combined, let the pendant delicate rose blossoms around the neck fingertips, but also bloom in mind.

Lotus is the symbol of pure elegance in the myths and legends of the Chinese Valentine's Day, whether it is used to express the pure spotless love, or for a loved one, also express the highest praise for lover, this is prime choice. Derain hand-crafted the lotus diamond ring, elegant refined, people can not help to want to pick one, you can be the purity of her love and highly praise the perfect blend for you.

The poppy pendant, which using gorgeous rose gold and sparkling diamond pieces with hand-crafted make.The three-dimensional micro-inserts superb technology, against the background flowers were glorifying.

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