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Part 1: Milan Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Show

Are you curious to discover how to update your wardrobe for next spring summer 2010? So, let’s look in more detail at what some of the most important Italian designers have created for women to look impeccable during next season!!

We will introduce varies brand fashion trend. Today let’s get close to Armani.

Giorgio Armani, the “King” of Italian fashion, didn’t disappoint the expectation of his fans, presenting a very gorgeous collection, devoted to enhancing woman’s natural charm, even through a very simple style composed of very short jackets worn with silk ankle length trousers, or refined suits with very short skirts or dynamic shorts. The woman of next spring-summer season 2010 will wear short dresses in the evening too, for special events and celebrations, certainly made with precious fabric such as silk, taffeta, satin and decorated with thousands of sequins and beads, for a totally shimmering effect. Shoes, unlike the general trends which impose the use of very high heeled wedge shoes, are flat but entirely covered by sequins and decorations. Colors too, like the fabrics used, are intense and gorgeous. The most used are: the classic black, grey (in all its shades), midnight and electric blue, green, red, iris, orange, fuchsia and violet, for a really bright and fresh summer. Giorgio Armani’s collection is also characterized by the use of handbags, in particular of the evening clutch which is seen as an extension of the dress, also made with prestigious shiny fabrics such as satin or silk but not always in the same color as the luxury dress. They are normally clasped in the hand or held by the small strap they are provided with.

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