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Floral Necklace

The first one is Léon Hatot Floral Necklace,with a mauve diamond on the upper side of the necklace,it accentuates its luxurious and novel.

While the silver diamond with floral pattern and one bigger mauve floral-two mauve buds also add some changes for this charming necklace.Just showing off your personalities upon different occasions.The natural beauty lies in that it appears and disappears in a flash,just a stunning flash.

The Germany centurial top jewelry brand Léon Hatot spent over 1000 hours on curving out layering lotus,in shape of water drops.The unconventional beauty is released by the rippling pond side with ever elegant Art Deco trimmings.The naturally drapped chain elegantly connects the flowers and the leaves closely.

The dazzling diamond accentuates upon your delicate neck,looks like some lotus smell is penetrating into your hair,reminding you of indulging in a beautiful secne of peaceful and elegant lotus.

The next one comes to a Romantic Rose Series of Bouquet Jewelry. It was carved by precious 24.07 carats of white diamond and a elagant and graceful butterfly bowknot surrounded by three blooming diamond roses.

The craftsman used the “Bouquet Cut ” to create a star shape dazzling diamond.A star shape diamond weighing about 6 carats is embeded in the central of the butterfly bowknot. The earrings were respectively embeded with one Bouquet star shape diamond over 2 carats,which is the purest and flawless,even considered to be the sublimation of beauty.

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