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Ideas for Organizing Earrings

Organizing earrings isn’t simply a case of hanging them on an earring tree or other organizer. When you have your own several pairs, organizing them so that they are easy to find is also important. Ideas for organizing earrings includes:

Small Stud Earrings

These are probably one of the most difficult types of earring to look after. Tiny studs, such as emerald stud earrings can get caught up with other earrings or pieces of jewelry and are easy to lose.

The posts on stud earrings can get bent or twisted out of shape and the butterfly clips on the back can also get missing. Organizing stud earrings by placing them in a special organizer and storing them in size order from the largest to smallest or in their used frequencies which will help you to find the perfect earrings for an occasion simple and straightforward.

Long Dangling Earrings

Long dangling earrings such as long silver earrings should be stored so that they are hung up or laid down carefully. If they are left loose in a jewelry box they risk damage.

Very expensive dangling earrings should be placed in a small box within a jewelry organizer to keep them safe from damage. Twists may cause the earrings to snap or separated.

Hoop EarringsHoop earrings or hoop earring sets can be difficult to store as they are large and often take up a lot of room. One idea for organizing earrings such as these is to store them lying flat in a jewelry drawer or inside a separate box.

Fragile hoop earrings, for instance those that are made from hollow gold or silver may get dented and therefore need special care.

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