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Just Gold Mother-Daughter Pairing Accessories

Mother and daughter have a subtle and mysterious connection both the blood and the soul.The most pleasant thing is the purest and selfless love that is revealed naturally between the two,especially the moved feeling from the mother,which is considered to be the inspiration of poems,movements and famous painting. The well known leading brand Just Gold gives high praise of the mothers.Knowig their passion for the daughters,Just Gold has especially promoted Mother-Daughter Pairing pendants and bracelet.

With subtle design of Mon and Gal series,its character is their similar style and pictures,which accentuate bothe the Mother and Daughter patterns,showing off the intimacy between mother and daughter.The inspiration is derived from lovely animals such as dolphin,bee and panda,also includes the dots and crossed pictures from most primitive family game.

All of these have become funny fashionable accessories by trimming with colors. Seeing the grow up of the daughter,the happiness and proudness released from mother’s heart illuminate everyone around.Every mother will make the best plan for the daughter and pass their most precious thing and instrumental value on to their daughters.

Nothing can be more admirable than wearing the same pendant and bracelet with the daughter.With twin-like dress up,they utmostly show their warm and fashionable taste,which will pass from generation to generation.

MaBe Dolphin pendant

As a symbol of grace and vigor,the dolphin is aspiritual and kind-hearted sea life. This paring accessories is inspired by a baby dolphin clings to the mother’s embrace, feeling satified and safe.It’s a kind of fashionable pattern loved by both mothers and babies.

MaBe Bee pendant

It’s indeed a sweet design with an interesting polygon honeybomb shape.It looks more fashionable and moving with several flying bees.

MaBe Panda pendant and bracelet

Panda is our favourite animal,thus both the mother and baby patterns are lovely.The vivid black and white colors on the panda’s face and its specific plump body,which is more funny and delicate.MaBe Noughts red beadings bracelet

Inspired by the round circles in the Pass --Three –Carriers game,the focus is the wholly-cut red coral beading trimming and skeleton strip Just Gold,which is both generous and fashionable.

MaBe Crosses bracelet Inspired by the cross in the Pass --Three –Carriers game,the bracelet has abundant crossed lines,creating a unique and dazzling beauty.Both mother and baby are interested in it.

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