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Four Classic Indexes for Jewelry Appreciation

The first--material

Material selection is the most important thing for making senior jewelry.The senior jewelry should have supreme quality.The best material for embedding upon jewelry should be precious metals(such as gold and platinum),which are more secured valued.

Besides.precious semi-precious stones, gem stones and superior gems are all essential materials. In the society with advanced science and technology,most gem stones on listed are treated gems, which are used to exaggerate the intrinsic value of the stones.

Therefore,the purest and natural gem stones without any manual hardling are the the first choice for trimming superior jewelry and ensuring the quality.

The second—historical sense

We should judge the historical value of the superior jewelry not only from their design patterns,but also from the rarity and secured value of the studded gem stone.

With time going and manual exploitation,it becomes more and more difficult to unearth natural,superior and high carats gem stones.Some of the gemstone origins have even extinguished.Thus,a precious and superior gem stones, like Kashmir sapphire and Burma ruby,are of high historical secured value.

Prior to judging the historical value of a superior jewelry, we should initially judge the authenticity and natural of the gem stone.As a result,a Gemstone Certificate can be considered to be a value certification for it. Experienced appreciator, assisting equipment and certificates are essential for judging an antique jewelry.

The third--craftsamanship

Each brand owns its both conventional and unique design and mosaic technique.For example,the originated secret-style mosaic method by Van Cleef&Arpels.Unique artisan craftsmanship and character of the jewelry are essential factors for any superior jewelry.

Besides creating specified knockout style,the artisans should focu on how to release the reflet of the material itself,so that precious stones can play a restrained but elegant sparkling luster.The perfect handicraft, flexible changes and exquisite design are a prerequisite for high-level jewelry creation,which will takes on an "excellent" look on the wearer.

The fourth—artisitc sense

“Aesthetic sense ”is the sole pursuing for the jewelry craftsmanship. While the inspiration is commonly originates from real life.The we reflect the things in real life into jewelry,such as the shapes of the plants and human’s feelings.

“Aesthetic sense ” is an important element for creating.Similarity in expressions is better than in shapes.We can feel the inner beauty and verve from a sucessful jewelry. The unique inspiration will be transfused into the jewelry and make it to have more appreciation value and artistic sense.

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