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Men's Celtic Jewelry with Stones

When Stones are Appropriate

More and more men are appreciating the luxury of gemstone jewelry, though not all sparkling pieces are met with similar enthusiasm. Understanding how men’s jewelry differs from women’s, what types of gemstones are most suitable for men, and how to use those gems in Celtic pieces can help consumers find the perfect glittering Celtic jewelry for men with the extra sparkle of a suitable gemstone.

Men vs. Women

Generally speaking, the gemstones used in men’s jewelry – including Celtic designs –are smaller and less flamboyant than those used in designs favored by women. Whereas a woman’s piece of jewelry may use multiple gems to create a sparkling tapestry, men’s jewelry is much more likely to use a single gem as an accent rather than as a focal point.

Furthermore, the gem styles are also less unusual – a jewel in a men’s piece of jewelry is more likely to be a basic, familiar shape (round, princess, or emerald cut) instead of a fancy shape such as a marquise or Asscher cut. Understatement is best when looking for men’s Celtic jewelry with stones – a small sparkle is a powerful embellishment that can easily overwhelm masculine jewelry if used too much. Simple gems are best for men.

Types of Gems

Men’s Celtic jewelry also uses more common types of gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, and diamonds. More unique options, such as aquamarine or tanzanite, are generally reserved for pieces of women’s jewelry, when the gems are more highly featured in the overall piece. Very soft gems, such as pearls, are never used in men’s jewelry because they cannot withstand the daily wear a man may subject his jewelry to.

Despite the preference for basic gems in bold colors, it is perfectly acceptable to use birthstones in a piece of men’s jewelry to give it greater sentiment and personalization. Similar to a mother necklace, a piece of jewelry customized in this way is a fine gift for a father or grandfather.

Use in Celtic DesignsHow the gemstones are used in men’s Celtic jewelry is significantly different than how they are used in women’s jewelry. A woman’s Celtic ring, for example, may have knots that wind about a central, large diamond or other gemstone. A man’s ring, on the other hand, would focus more on the knots and one or more small gems may be woven into the design without as much disruption to the knot pattern.

Even elaborate pieces typically use fewer gems if they are designed for men. A Celtic high cross necklace, for example, may have a central gem and additional coordinating stones on each arm if it is made for a woman, whereas a similar design for a man would only use a central gemstone. The exception to this trend concerns heirloom jewelry.

Many Celtic pieces are treasured family heirlooms, passed down for generations as they keep family members connected to their rich Celtic culture and heritage. If a man inherits an elaborate piece of jewelry with a deep family significance, he can proudly wear it not only as a symbol of the Celtic culture, but also of his family ties.

Men’s Celtic jewelry with stones is substantially different from Celtic designs for women. By understanding how male and female pieces differ, however, and which gems are best for men’s designs, it is possible to find stunning men’s Celtic jewelry that is rich in symbolism as well as sparkle.

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