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The most expensive diamond-the 32 carats diamond bidding 7.7 million dollars

Good luster,ideal transparency,perfect craftsmanship and best weighing are what all contained in this diamond. Embeded on a ring,this diamond is of walnut size,flawless and transparent.It also has a small pear-shaped diamond on each side,which weighs 1.61 carats and 1.51 carats respectively.However,the auctioneer didn’t leak identity of the buy,only said that he won the bid by phones. According to the record,the owner was a millionaire charitarian’s wife,who died in this March-91 years old.

The diamond was a birthday present she bought for her 90’s birthday. It’s said that the diamond was sent from Beverly Hills’s jewelry store to her house by armed guards.According to the experts in the auction house,prior to the bid,it’s estimated to be priced between 3 million dollars and 5 million dollars,because of the four top qualities it has.Early in May,a 30 carats diamond was bidded for 3.1 million dollars, which was the highest price for this kind of diamond.

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Black Diamond-Also named diamant,which can’t be considered to be gem stones.

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