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Part 5: What will us wear during next spring summer 2010 season ?

Today we introduce a new brand fashion trend.

Dolce&Gabbana’s collection was a real tribute to Italian femininity, emphasizing the passion and sensuality of the Mediterranean and Latin woman. The proposed style was an alternation of black, white and red which were dashed on shining, mannish suits or over sexy dresses with plenty of lace and fringes for a really sensual, transparent effect. A lot of narrow corsets were teamed with hot pants or worn over flounced mini skirts with high heeled boots sometimes worn with black socks. Very trendy and attractive are the rose-patterned dresses or the red and black spotted shirts, whose patterns were also carried over on to maxi bags, always held by the handles. The result? A woman who expresses both her romanticism and her sexiest aspect!!

We have focused our attention on those designers that, summarized the trends and styles we will wear during next spring summer 2010 season. Which kind of collection do you like most? Let us know your comment and we will be happy to hear from you!!

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