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Fashion Mag Patrol: Gold Jewelry

I am more than willing to suffer, though, in the name of fashion. And just think, now we have so much to talk about! I already showed you the cover of this month's Harper's Bazaar, but something else caught my eye within its pages: an editorial chock full of heavy, bold, luscious, luxurious gold jewelry. With white metals hogging the spotlight for at least the past decade, it's about time we warmed up to yellow again.

The misguided Ms. Watch Fanatic, AKA Keri jo, may have convinced you that a gold watch is the must have fall accessory, but Ms. Goldsmith reserves (almost) all her love for jewelry. And so, taking inspiration from the Harper's shoot, I bring a selection of my all gold favorites. Really, how can you not take my side when confronted with these lovelies:

The multi-strand gold and diamond necklace is from Marco Bicego's "Marrakech" collection while the outrageous cocktail ring is from Di Modolo’s "Triadra" collection. Both the earrings and the bracelet are from H.Stern. All are beautifully executed in glowing 18 karat yellow gold.


Kimberly McDonald Sea Turtle Bracelets Raise Money For Oil Spill Relief

The jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald is most known for her pieces featuring geodes, agates and quartz accentuated with gold, diamonds and semi precious stones and she has an avid celebrity following that includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson and Brooke Shields.

McDonald has recently created a new limited edition "Sea Turtle Macramé" bracelet collection in support of the National Wildlife Federation's efforts following the Gulf oil spill. McDonald has created 50 limited edition, hand crafted Sea Turtle macramé bracelets with 100 percent of all proceeds going towards NWF's efforts to respond to the wildlife crisis unfolding in the Gulf.

"When I learned about the amazing work that the National Wildlife Federation is doing to support wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts in the Gulf, I immediately knew that I needed to do everything in my power to support their efforts in easing the devastation occurring to our wildlife" McDonald said. "It is my hope that the collection will inspire people to get involved and take the state of our environment seriously. At the end we hope to protect vulnerable species such as the sea turtle by raising $100,000 for NWF."

Each bracelet is made from 18K recycled gold, reclaimed diamonds, a diamond briolette, and hand-woven silk macramé. The bracelets will retail for price at $2,000 - $2,500, and they are available at Mitchells in Westport, Connecticut, Richards in Greenwich, Connecticut, Marshs in Huntington, New York and Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco and Palo Alto, California.


2010 Investment Hot Point: Diamond

In 2010, the investment market appear the dramatic turning point, the property market downturn, the stock market. Face the status of traditional investments increased risk, more investors turned to the emerging field of investment wise - Diamond. Industry experts said in the past 15 years, diamond prices was fluctuate small, which is ideal for long-term investment.

Currently the main global diamond producer located at Australia, Zaire, Botswana, Russia, South Africa etc. 30 countries, and in accordance with the current annual extraction of about 1 million carats of progress to estimate,about after 25 years, it will be proved after digest all of the diamond reserves, in the most recent years, no new large-scale diamond mine original. Because over-exploitation, we are facing a large diamond mine mineral depletion, also combined with strong demand in Asia on the diamond, which is leading to the global diamond overall crisis. Many diamond company still decided to gradually reduce production in order to extend the life of diamond mining.

Compare with the small diamond that ordinary people to wear,it is more high-profile the stars worn on luxury diamond in the formal occasions, but a huge star to buy diamond jewelry just to show off their wealth? Of course not. Stars are see the potential value of the diamond investment and wide appreciation of the space. To choose the diamond investment of stars have an important factor: preservation and stable income. Diamond prices less volatile and always maintain a steady upward trend, the basic 5% a year to 8% increase, it is worth mentioning that the diamond mining areas in the higher degree of monopoly, so the diamond market has remained steady, too high or too low phenomenon on the price is rare.

The expert said that the large pieces of high quality bare diamond are more suitable for investment value, while the smaller diamonds is more suitable to wear as jewelry. The 1 carat diamond of high quality bare diamond will wait for rising in the value, and its 4C (color, clarity, cut, weight) all have a good level. For example, more than H color, purity more than the VS-type diamonds are a good investment. Although the data indicate that the current average of annual investment rate of return is generally stable at 3% -5% for diamond investment, but the rare gemstone diamonds is much higher than this figure in the rate of return.

The factors that influence bare diamond prices is many more, in addition to weight, clarity, color and cut (the so-called 4C standard), the GIA certificate and other relevant international certification are much have, also the origin of diamonds can represent their excellent origin, which is also noteworthy item.


Chopard Celebrates Starlite Gala in Marbella

Chopard recently celebrated the inaugural Starlite Gala in Marbella alongside Eva Longoria and Antonio Banderas.

The brainchild of Sandra García-Sanjuán and María Bravo, the event was sponsored by Chopard and raised funds for various charitable organizations. The gala was held at The Villapadierna Hotel, Spain.

Many of the stars donned pieces from the brand's Haute Joaillerie Collection including Eva Longoria who wore a pair of earrings set with 11 carat diamonds as well as a ring embellised with heart cut diamonds. In contrast María Bravo chose a pair of flower shaped diamond earrings and a diamond pavé ring from the “Animal World Collection”.

Elsewhere Sandra García- Sanjuán was spotted with a pair of hoop diamond earrings by Chopard as well as a black and white diamond ring, while the brand's 2010 Ambassadress Eugenia Silva (who also conducted the gala) donned seahorse earrings finished with diamonds and a Dalmatian bracelet from the “Animal World Collection".


Paul the Psychic Octopus Enshrined in 22ct Gold

An Indian jewellery company has taken the inspiration from Paul (the psychic octopus) to creating a 22-carat gold accessory to the cephalopod.

Paul dominated headlines during this year's World Cup when he correctly predicted the outcome of seven games on the trot, and now Kolkata based Shree Ganesh Jewellery has made a pure gold version of the animal, they presented at the India International Jewellery Show.

It is weighing about 3.3kg, and took 30 craftsmen to produce, it is value at INR5,000,000 (US$171,650).

Paul now lives at the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany.


GUCCI 2010 Fall Winter jewelry Horsebit Series

Horsebit attract the worldwide attention for the first time in 1953, when it is appears on classic Gucci loafers as the decoration, reminiscent of the Florentine nobility and riding world in the upper-class. Since then, it has evolved into eye-catching hardware, appears on the handbags and shoes; printed on canvas bags, and even silk, watches and recent fine jewelry series.

By modern way re-interpretation of the Frida Giannini Gucci's creative director, Horsebit's shape is more soft and emotional, and become the embodiment themes of the jewelry in the series.

Gucci Horsebit 18K gold jewelry bracelet won the Vogue Spagna Award (Vogue Joyas) of the "designer and jewelry" award. This bracelet is one of the earliest works of the Frida, then, Horsebit theme have been developed into a complete series; and to transform into many different forms.

The a variety of changes of Horsebit sequence derived from can be seen in the following series: Cocktail, Beverly, Drops and Horsebit Marina Chain.



The Fashion Statement: Woolly Mammoth Ivory is Everywhere

Luxury retailer Stanley Korshak in Dallas can't keep it in stock. Michelle Obama has been photographed numerous times wearing it. For CFDA design darling Monique Péan and Ivory Jacks in Bothel, Washington, that create jewelry out of the material, business has been good.

The First Lady wore woolly mammoth jewelry by Monique Péan on a trip to Mexico a few months ago-specifically earrings, cuffs and strands. She wore the cuffs again recently to greet President Obama on his 49th birthday. The cuffs go for $4,480 to $7,420. The earrings can fetch anywhere between $915 and $2,970.

Unlike elephant ivory which is primarily off-white, woolly mammoth ivory is unique in that it has many different colors-tan, brown and sometimes blue. Ivory Jacks jewelry designer Courtney Tripp explained to me this week at the Gift Show in New York that the colors are a result of thousands of years of mineralization. No two tusks are the same color. So no two mammoth jewelry pieces can be exactly the same.

The ban on ivory-implemented since the '80s to stop poachers from killing the elephants simply for their tusks-does not apply to this fossilized stuff. Trade in dead mammoth ivory is legal and has been for 300 years because it does not threaten any living species. This ivory is found in mammoth tusks that have been preserved in ice and permafrost of Arctic regions in Siberia, North Canada or Alaska. As the ice packs and glaciers have receded, more and more tusks have been found. Tusks have been unearthed in road construction or spotted from a plane in melting river banks.

Most jewelers claim that woolly mammoth jewelry is conflict free, eco friendly and sustainable. The truth is mammoth ivory is rare and costly because mammoths have been extinct for millennia.

"Mammoth ivory is absolutely a non-renewable resource, and it is absolutely being depleted, in part, by the commercial trade," Dan Fisher, a University of Michigan mammoth expert, told AFP.


Jacqueline Kennedy's Pearl Necklace Fetched 47,000 dollars

Former U.S. first lady Jacqueline Kennedy can be said that the fashion leader. Jacqueline's style is so distinctive, full of wisdom and creative. From she move into White House as Kennedy's wife, to be an editor, Jacqueline in every decade has left a deep imprint, with her distinct character traits. Now, the luxury trend followers who have the opportunity to follow the pace of her, auction to buy a pearl necklace for her favorite.

The pearl necklace belonging to the former Jacqueline have benn auctioned in British, this string of pearls necklace that form by three pearl necklace,it was signature accessories of Jacqueline. But there are rumors that this pearl necklace inlaid with emerald and diamond is actually fake, because she would often place the jewelry in the wrong place for her careless, perhaps the fundamental value of the jewels was not worth for much money. But as a character accessories once belonged to legendary fashion woman, this likely to be fake pearl necklace, also at auction fetched a high price of 47,000 dollars.


Boucheron new series of animal jewelry

Since 1858, Boucheron had began to rare animals masterpiece. This year, Boucheron will launch a series of new works, this means that the previous classics, such as the chameleon, owls, frogs and hedgehogs will have new friends to play with the animals. Each design is a legacy of Boucheron craftsman's, with bold design and surprising works of jewelry.

Gem-studded new animals will debut in the coming months. They are new members of the series works, each piece has a unique charm and style, which is a landmark jewelry of Boucheron. These impressive new animal masterpiece will become favorites of collectors.


They say elephants have the best memory. One thing is certain, the new Hathi High Jewelry ring is an eternal process works. This precious elephant-type ring gently attached easily on the finger, and hold up a central gem in Maharadja treasures, studded with all kinds of jewelry pink gold carpet, this idea is from India, the Royal Queen's ceremonial Great as inspiration. The name derived from India, "elephant", in RudyardKipling's novel 'The Jungle Book' for elephant named.


Boucheron was drawn inspiration from Greek mythology famous wings Pegasus, to create an attractive high-level jewelry ring. Pegasus is a subsidiary of the Greek sea god Poseidon. Legends, wherever, as long as Pegasus's hoof stepping on the ground, the ground will outpour spring. To integration of sea and sky, Boucheron horse have mane and flow wings, and covered with sparkling gems, precious stones embedded in the majestic horse head. Between the mane and wing set with a fine central gem.


With multi-colored feathers, the peacock has become the thing that Boucheron's most popular animals. Alleged that the Greek goddess Hera was baptized, and had attached numerous pairs of eyes on the peacock tail. Incredible, stunning gem will end in the Bird in a perfect match, glorious overflowing. Feathers spread in the whole finger, a beautiful central gem embedded in the feathers.




Gucci Choker Necklace and Cuff Bracelet

Compared to luxurious silver jewelries like necklace, ring and bracelet, these innovative fashion jewelries are pretty much more. It is not only low in price but also various with all materials to choose. I pretty enjoy collecting those little stuffs and each piece collected by me has a special story behind. The Gucci choker necklace and cuff bracelet surely would do. I am wondering if you would also like it.

The choker necklace and cuff bracelet are essential parts of Gucci 2010 fashion jewelry collection. The Gucci choker necklace has innovatively combined gold tone metal and black or light brown leather. The necklace can be adjusted to lengths of 12.6", 13.4" or 14.2". There is mysterious dye detail and Gucci signature print on the shiny metal part, and the soft leather ends would not hurt your tender skin at all. The necklace retails price for $495.00.

The choker necklace looks glamorous, but it shines brighter when matches with the Gucci cuff bracelet. Just like the necklace, the bracelet also comes in two styles. The two tone cuff bracelet has combined gold tone metal and dark or off-white leather. The two parts are combined with enhancement of shiny studs as well. The cuff bracelet measures 2" wide and is available at price for $560.00. How do you like those fashion jewelries from Gucci, why not pick up one for yourself?


Piaget Shinning in French Biennale des Antiquaires

French Biennale des Antiquaires, no doubt is a celebration of the jeweler in the world today, the Chopard is no exception. This year, the Chopard is join the French Biennale des Antiquaires for the first time, and 60 works will display of the brand creativity. The display area of Chopard, located at the middle position of Allée des Joailliers .

The 60 fine jewelry of Chopard display were inspiration from senior custom clothing. Two areas of Couture and fine jewelry, shared many common traits: the pursuit of the ultimate in aesthetics, excellent manual techniques, Sensuality and luxury, also it is the creative, bold and feminine.

The first time Chopard have join the French Biennale des Antiquaires, which is a natural continuation of the brand history. The late 20th century 50, the Chopard included the jewelry watch in the production of production line, jewelry craftsmanship development have gradually gained importance of Chopard. To the age of 60 and 70, the strong enthusiasm for bold design tendencies, Chopard has shaped a high degree identification brand style. Introduced by surface plate jewel watch, cuff ring form, ring watch and stunning necklace watch, the traditional definition of luxury watchmaking, pushing the limit. Today, the count has become a highly integrated watch and jewelry brands, Chopard has more than 40 craftsmen and professionals to concentrate on high-level commitment to exquisite jewelry watches and the production of high-level production.


Chopard at the Frick

Chopard was launched the Frick series, but unless you were among a lucky few, then, like me, you missed it. I speak of the star-studded gala Chopard hosted at said museum earlier this year, and a fabulous shindig it appears to have been if we can judge by the photos in this album over at the Wall Street Journal.

This is another piece in Chopard’s 150th Anniversary 'Animal World' collection, which I have discussed at length here and here. This jeweled gecko bracelet is fashioned from 1,250 tourmalines, over 400 diamonds (from white to orange to brown), and nearly 400 blue sapphires. With a price tag of $835,000, a museum is where it belongs.

Check out the full album over at the Wall Street Journal for more delicious photos. These images are especially interesting because of the creative jewelry display. Lifelike dioramas inhabited by fantastical jeweled creatures, coupled with expert lighting, surely made for a magical jewelry viewing experience.


Diamond Studded Snoopy for 60th Anniversary

To celebrate the anniversary of Snoopy turns 60 years old this year, the Hong Kong fine jewelry brand TSL has created a 5.5" diamond statue of the iconic cartoon character that just might get into Guinness as the world's most expensive.

The "Diamond Snoopy" features 207 carats of gems, with a total of 9,917 diamonds, 783 black diamonds, and 415 rubies that have all undergone a meticulous selection process (to ensure matching color, clarity, cut, and size) as well as a strict stone setting procedure to ensure optimal symmetry and shine. Diamond Snoopy has been touring around China and has an estimated value of HK 2.8 million (or about $372,000).


Luxist Giveaway: Janet Setter Amoeba Necklace

Today, I'm pleased to present to you the work of Janet Setter jewelry. Setter got her start in the automotive industry but it's clear that her calling is jewelry. Setter's unique one-of-a-kind pieces were inspired by the designer's keen interest in the outdoors.

Janet Setter started her career in the jewelry industry over ten years ago after an intensive study at a silversmith studio in Oregon. Her work reflects classic accessory pieces that have been formulated for today's trends in the fashion-driven world. Although pieces can be duplicated, each piece is unique and no piece is the exactly the same. Primarily working in silver, Janet has began to introduce other metals such as copper and 14K gold as well as semi-precious stones into her designs. Currently, Janet sells exclusively at shows at Bloomingdale's and through her e-commerce website.

The Amoeba pieces are her newest designs for Fall 2010 and feature a sterling silver design with 14K gold filled jump rings as accents. The piece shown at right is wearable as a pendant style necklace and as a center piece style necklace. You can also add a charm at the bottom of the the pendant style piece for a completely different look. This piece is part of a collection that includes more necklace styles as well as earrings and bracelets. The length of the amoeba is almost 1.75 inches and the necklace sells for $114.


Julia Roberts' Bangle Bracelets at the Regis and Kelly show

Bare arms and bangle bracelets are the summer classic accessories. Julia Roberts is on her "Eat Pray Love" media tour this month, and she wore an armful of golden bangles to her appearance at the Regis and Kelly show this morning, Monday August 9th.

Julia Roberts was wearing a stack of bangles by Melinda Maria: a pair of the popular Gwyneth Bangles ($185 each); a couple of Mini Pave Pod Bangles ($115 each); an Infinity Pod Bangle ($252) and a Teeny Pod Bangle ($88).

Roberts is just one of the many celebrities decked out in Melinda Maria designs. The pieces are done in semiprecious stones and gold-plated metals. Other stars that wear her pieces include Jennifer Lopez, Hayden Panetierre, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and Vanessa Hudgens.


The Fashion Statement: Jewelry is Buggin' Out

What's with fine jewelry's never ending fascination with creepy crawlers?

The trend has been in full swing for years now, but the craze just won't. Just look at Isabelle Adjani (above) who had fish (courtesy of De Grisogono) wrapped around her wrists at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Thousands of dollars worth of gems diamonds, sapphires, blue topaz, rubies and more have gotten turned into frogs, dragonflies, spiders, reptiles, snakes, butterflies, bugs, stingrays, sea urchins...and all manner of little creatures.

I get serpents, particularly for their Ancient Egyptian connotations and mystical meaning. I wouldn't turn down Roberto Cavalli's Swarovski serpent bracelet, tagged $675, or Virgin's Saints and Angels temptation bracelet, $635, adorned with Pacific opals.

But you should see the price tag for bird-like claws and insects! For $1,188, you can get stacked rings that look like talons on designer Pamela Love's site. You can also snap up a very large cuff by Aurélie Bidermann, an 18K rendition of a web for $1,795 at Neiman Marcus has bug stud earrings by Ileana Makri, for $3,750.

Dragonflies do quite well, too. At Ylang 23, Cathy Waterman's dragonfly bracelet is going for $28,800 while Barneys New York is promoting Vernissage's pendant necklaces, $1,650.

Chinese jeweler Wendy Yeu has a ring so opulent and so buggy, it deserves a paragraph all its own. Set in 18K white gold, the ring is all flowers and bugs in the form of brown diamonds, black agate, fluorite, green garnet, yellow and orange sapphires embellished with pink amethyst, kunzite, green amethyst, lemon quartz and blue topaz gemstones. It will spend 11,000 British pounds if you want to own it.

But the king of critters in the jewelry world is the spider. One of the best spiders I've seen recently is Padma's spider earrings, $3,970, at Neimans. I'm sure the 14-karat matte yellow gold and the faceted lemon quartz the size of a lolly pop has something to do with the appeal.

The buggy trend has gone so far as to involve the real the thing. documented a Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. ALIVE! Encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Pin the wriggly thing to your clothing, fingers or wrist. If you treat him right and feed him, he'll live about a year. I think I'll pass.

Some people in the fine jewelry business I've talked to recently say the reason bugs are so huge is there is a new generation that can't related to traditional fine jewelry. Instead, they like subversive aspect of insects which ultimately takes the "precious" out of precious gems.


Gucci Elements:HORSEBIT Ring Series

Gucci HORSEBIT series has won worldwide attention for the first time in 1953, when it is appears on the classic Gucci loafers as the decoration, reminiscent of the Florentine nobility and upper-class riding world. Since then, it has evolved into eye-catching hardware,in handbags and shoes on; printed on canvas bags, and even silk, fine watches and recent jewelry series. It has now been the embodiment of unique charm of Gucci. By the Gucci's creative director Frida Giannini in a re-interpretation of post-modern way, Horsebit is more soft and emotional on the shape, and the embodiment of the theme in jewelry series. Gucci issued HORSEBIT Ring Series, colorful looks good.


Gucci fine jewelry Icon Series: Classic interpretations diamond mark

GG logo, inspired by the company's founder Guccio Gucci, founded in 20 BC, after re-interpreted by a unique diamond-shaped mark, become the identity of the late 60's decorative theme. Fine jewelry Icon Series directly take inspiration from the most classic logo Gucci theme, and in rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets, introduction of interlocking double G logo. The identity logo's derived sequence are fully interpreted in the following product lines: Icon, Icon Stardust, Icon Twirl and the latest creation work Icon Bold and Icon Coin. Each series are hand-made by 18K platinum, gold or rose gold, some inlaid with white, brown or black diamond and pink sapphire.


Swarovski 2010 autumn and winter jewelry series

Luxury crystal brand Swarovski have launched a magnificent eye-catching new 2010 autumn and winter series. This series works inspired from the beauty of nature serenity, and use autumn's red and bronze to match with shiny decorations, paint a poetic picture of elegance. These fashion design are made with Swarovski Elements.

"Autumn Leaves", "Autumn Light" and "Autumn Bloom" blend yellow quartz and other semi-precious stones and sparkling Swarovski glorious elements, distribution of a low-key luxury. These unique and innovative design with a perfect match is even more rich and varied series of ingenious design: colorful "Rich Berry" and "Country Garden", while gorgeous stunning "Winter Garden" series is reminiscent the natural landscape of winter ice and snow. The new series is perfect blend exaggerated style and delicate beauty.

The jewelrys will be sold at London, New York City and Shanghai concept store in August 2010, and also the Chinese Gardens Swarovski Crystal Worlds, the Swarovski boutiques in Swarovski Innsbruck and Vienna Swarovski World Odd store and online outlets.


Boucheron "Delilah" Gold Tassel Series

Boucheron Delilah tassel series use high uniform custom concept as starting point, the characteristics of the gold have play the most scalable, 18K gold thread is only width at 0.2mm, the thickness of only 0.1mm, use flat-woven material way, interwoven gold thread .

This series was inspired by a mysterious woman, with her femininity fatal to entice the man that love her, and strong herself strength. Gold scarf on behalf of women's hair, and also with the love of the links between the men, there are a variety of wearing styles, it can freely adjust the length with the preferences. Earring and ring end's tassels and diamond inlays, adds even more gorgeous Boucheron giants sense.


Piaget’s Second Shot with Sienna Miller

Swiss jeweler and watchmaker Piaget continues its Summer 2010 dalliance with well-know actress Sienna Miller to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Possession collection.

The star is bedecked in full Piaget Possession regalia once more – two Possession rings; Possession watch (with Roman numerals); Possession bracelet (ID style); and Possession earrings. Each piece is in 18 carat white gold, with clear brilliant-cut diamonds, as is normal for the collection.

About the jewelry and watch, each one is distinctive in styling and in the use of materials and diamonds, especially compared with the items showcased in the last shot with Miller.