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Swarovski 2010 autumn and winter jewelry series

Luxury crystal brand Swarovski have launched a magnificent eye-catching new 2010 autumn and winter series. This series works inspired from the beauty of nature serenity, and use autumn's red and bronze to match with shiny decorations, paint a poetic picture of elegance. These fashion design are made with Swarovski Elements.

"Autumn Leaves", "Autumn Light" and "Autumn Bloom" blend yellow quartz and other semi-precious stones and sparkling Swarovski glorious elements, distribution of a low-key luxury. These unique and innovative design with a perfect match is even more rich and varied series of ingenious design: colorful "Rich Berry" and "Country Garden", while gorgeous stunning "Winter Garden" series is reminiscent the natural landscape of winter ice and snow. The new series is perfect blend exaggerated style and delicate beauty.

The jewelrys will be sold at London, New York City and Shanghai concept store in August 2010, and also the Chinese Gardens Swarovski Crystal Worlds, the Swarovski boutiques in Swarovski Innsbruck and Vienna Swarovski World Odd store and online outlets.

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