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2010 Investment Hot Point: Diamond

In 2010, the investment market appear the dramatic turning point, the property market downturn, the stock market. Face the status of traditional investments increased risk, more investors turned to the emerging field of investment wise - Diamond. Industry experts said in the past 15 years, diamond prices was fluctuate small, which is ideal for long-term investment.

Currently the main global diamond producer located at Australia, Zaire, Botswana, Russia, South Africa etc. 30 countries, and in accordance with the current annual extraction of about 1 million carats of progress to estimate,about after 25 years, it will be proved after digest all of the diamond reserves, in the most recent years, no new large-scale diamond mine original. Because over-exploitation, we are facing a large diamond mine mineral depletion, also combined with strong demand in Asia on the diamond, which is leading to the global diamond overall crisis. Many diamond company still decided to gradually reduce production in order to extend the life of diamond mining.

Compare with the small diamond that ordinary people to wear,it is more high-profile the stars worn on luxury diamond in the formal occasions, but a huge star to buy diamond jewelry just to show off their wealth? Of course not. Stars are see the potential value of the diamond investment and wide appreciation of the space. To choose the diamond investment of stars have an important factor: preservation and stable income. Diamond prices less volatile and always maintain a steady upward trend, the basic 5% a year to 8% increase, it is worth mentioning that the diamond mining areas in the higher degree of monopoly, so the diamond market has remained steady, too high or too low phenomenon on the price is rare.

The expert said that the large pieces of high quality bare diamond are more suitable for investment value, while the smaller diamonds is more suitable to wear as jewelry. The 1 carat diamond of high quality bare diamond will wait for rising in the value, and its 4C (color, clarity, cut, weight) all have a good level. For example, more than H color, purity more than the VS-type diamonds are a good investment. Although the data indicate that the current average of annual investment rate of return is generally stable at 3% -5% for diamond investment, but the rare gemstone diamonds is much higher than this figure in the rate of return.

The factors that influence bare diamond prices is many more, in addition to weight, clarity, color and cut (the so-called 4C standard), the GIA certificate and other relevant international certification are much have, also the origin of diamonds can represent their excellent origin, which is also noteworthy item.

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