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Gucci Choker Necklace and Cuff Bracelet

Compared to luxurious silver jewelries like necklace, ring and bracelet, these innovative fashion jewelries are pretty much more. It is not only low in price but also various with all materials to choose. I pretty enjoy collecting those little stuffs and each piece collected by me has a special story behind. The Gucci choker necklace and cuff bracelet surely would do. I am wondering if you would also like it.

The choker necklace and cuff bracelet are essential parts of Gucci 2010 fashion jewelry collection. The Gucci choker necklace has innovatively combined gold tone metal and black or light brown leather. The necklace can be adjusted to lengths of 12.6", 13.4" or 14.2". There is mysterious dye detail and Gucci signature print on the shiny metal part, and the soft leather ends would not hurt your tender skin at all. The necklace retails price for $495.00.

The choker necklace looks glamorous, but it shines brighter when matches with the Gucci cuff bracelet. Just like the necklace, the bracelet also comes in two styles. The two tone cuff bracelet has combined gold tone metal and dark or off-white leather. The two parts are combined with enhancement of shiny studs as well. The cuff bracelet measures 2" wide and is available at price for $560.00. How do you like those fashion jewelries from Gucci, why not pick up one for yourself?

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