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Chopard at the Frick

Chopard was launched the Frick series, but unless you were among a lucky few, then, like me, you missed it. I speak of the star-studded gala Chopard hosted at said museum earlier this year, and a fabulous shindig it appears to have been if we can judge by the photos in this album over at the Wall Street Journal.

This is another piece in Chopard’s 150th Anniversary 'Animal World' collection, which I have discussed at length here and here. This jeweled gecko bracelet is fashioned from 1,250 tourmalines, over 400 diamonds (from white to orange to brown), and nearly 400 blue sapphires. With a price tag of $835,000, a museum is where it belongs.

Check out the full album over at the Wall Street Journal for more delicious photos. These images are especially interesting because of the creative jewelry display. Lifelike dioramas inhabited by fantastical jeweled creatures, coupled with expert lighting, surely made for a magical jewelry viewing experience.

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