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Piaget Shinning in French Biennale des Antiquaires

French Biennale des Antiquaires, no doubt is a celebration of the jeweler in the world today, the Chopard is no exception. This year, the Chopard is join the French Biennale des Antiquaires for the first time, and 60 works will display of the brand creativity. The display area of Chopard, located at the middle position of Allée des Joailliers .

The 60 fine jewelry of Chopard display were inspiration from senior custom clothing. Two areas of Couture and fine jewelry, shared many common traits: the pursuit of the ultimate in aesthetics, excellent manual techniques, Sensuality and luxury, also it is the creative, bold and feminine.

The first time Chopard have join the French Biennale des Antiquaires, which is a natural continuation of the brand history. The late 20th century 50, the Chopard included the jewelry watch in the production of production line, jewelry craftsmanship development have gradually gained importance of Chopard. To the age of 60 and 70, the strong enthusiasm for bold design tendencies, Chopard has shaped a high degree identification brand style. Introduced by surface plate jewel watch, cuff ring form, ring watch and stunning necklace watch, the traditional definition of luxury watchmaking, pushing the limit. Today, the count has become a highly integrated watch and jewelry brands, Chopard has more than 40 craftsmen and professionals to concentrate on high-level commitment to exquisite jewelry watches and the production of high-level production.

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