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Luxist Giveaway: Janet Setter Amoeba Necklace

Today, I'm pleased to present to you the work of Janet Setter jewelry. Setter got her start in the automotive industry but it's clear that her calling is jewelry. Setter's unique one-of-a-kind pieces were inspired by the designer's keen interest in the outdoors.

Janet Setter started her career in the jewelry industry over ten years ago after an intensive study at a silversmith studio in Oregon. Her work reflects classic accessory pieces that have been formulated for today's trends in the fashion-driven world. Although pieces can be duplicated, each piece is unique and no piece is the exactly the same. Primarily working in silver, Janet has began to introduce other metals such as copper and 14K gold as well as semi-precious stones into her designs. Currently, Janet sells exclusively at shows at Bloomingdale's and through her e-commerce website.

The Amoeba pieces are her newest designs for Fall 2010 and feature a sterling silver design with 14K gold filled jump rings as accents. The piece shown at right is wearable as a pendant style necklace and as a center piece style necklace. You can also add a charm at the bottom of the the pendant style piece for a completely different look. This piece is part of a collection that includes more necklace styles as well as earrings and bracelets. The length of the amoeba is almost 1.75 inches and the necklace sells for $114.

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