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Boucheron new series of animal jewelry

Since 1858, Boucheron had began to rare animals masterpiece. This year, Boucheron will launch a series of new works, this means that the previous classics, such as the chameleon, owls, frogs and hedgehogs will have new friends to play with the animals. Each design is a legacy of Boucheron craftsman's, with bold design and surprising works of jewelry.

Gem-studded new animals will debut in the coming months. They are new members of the series works, each piece has a unique charm and style, which is a landmark jewelry of Boucheron. These impressive new animal masterpiece will become favorites of collectors.


They say elephants have the best memory. One thing is certain, the new Hathi High Jewelry ring is an eternal process works. This precious elephant-type ring gently attached easily on the finger, and hold up a central gem in Maharadja treasures, studded with all kinds of jewelry pink gold carpet, this idea is from India, the Royal Queen's ceremonial Great as inspiration. The name derived from India, "elephant", in RudyardKipling's novel 'The Jungle Book' for elephant named.


Boucheron was drawn inspiration from Greek mythology famous wings Pegasus, to create an attractive high-level jewelry ring. Pegasus is a subsidiary of the Greek sea god Poseidon. Legends, wherever, as long as Pegasus's hoof stepping on the ground, the ground will outpour spring. To integration of sea and sky, Boucheron horse have mane and flow wings, and covered with sparkling gems, precious stones embedded in the majestic horse head. Between the mane and wing set with a fine central gem.


With multi-colored feathers, the peacock has become the thing that Boucheron's most popular animals. Alleged that the Greek goddess Hera was baptized, and had attached numerous pairs of eyes on the peacock tail. Incredible, stunning gem will end in the Bird in a perfect match, glorious overflowing. Feathers spread in the whole finger, a beautiful central gem embedded in the feathers.