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Faceted Moonstone Sterling Silver Jewelry

Moonstone sterling silver jewelry is known for the stone's unique sparkle, which changes in the light when the jewelry is moved,which is due to the crystal structure of the moonstone, thus scatters the light that falls on it, resulting in an attractive shimmer.

The cutting of the stone is crucial in achieving this distinctive effect, especially with faceted stones. Moonstone jewelry sometimes features stones carved with images of the moon or people.

Moonstones traditionally hail from Sri Lanka,but are also found in India,Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil and the United States. Moonstone belongs to the feldspar mineral family. Blue moonstone jewelry is most highly desired, which can also be pink, green, peach, black, brown, white or gray.

Rainbow moonstone appears white or transparent with flashes of color in the light. Shiny sterling silver perfectly offsets the cool tones and beauty of the stone.

Another interesting detail about moonstone is the number of mysterious properties that have been attributed to it throughout history. People many have believed that different gems can bestow different benefits on the wearer, and moonstone in particular has been touted as a woman’s stone. Some believe that moonstone jewelry can make a woman more fertile, while others recommend moonstone for improving dreams.

It has been said that wearing moonstone jewelry aids in decreasing stress and increasing intuition. It is also believed that moonstone can help men to more easily access their emotional and creative sides.

Moonstone is most often sold in its smooth, rounded cabochon shapes rather than faceted, but faceted moonstone sterling silver jewelry is also available. Faceted moonstone jewelry is delicate and must be handled carefully to avoid scratches and damage, which can dull the interesting play of light on the stone.

Moonstone jewelry should be stored in such a way that it will not come in contact with other jewelry, which can chip and scratch the stone. Avoid exposing moonstone to heat and harsh chemicals found in cleaning supplies, swimming pools, hot tubs, etc. Finally, a mild detergent and soft cloth should be all you need to keep your silver moonstone jewelry clean and stunning!

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