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How to appreciation Jewelry by yourself ?

1, The materials

To manufacture high-grade jewelry, material selection can not be ignored.

Only be described as fine jewelry, quality assurance is the most important for them. The best choice of materials that inlaid top jewelry is precious metals (gold, platinum), because these materials more hedge. In addition, rare semi-precious stones, precious stones and diamonds are the choice selection of superior quality and high-level jewelry. Technology is available in the market mostly handle through the manual processing of precious stones in order to exaggerate the gem itself. Therefore, 100% genuine natural stones (without heat-treatment) mosaic jewelry that made of high-level quality assurance is the best election.

2, A sense of history

If you want to identify their historical value of advanced Jewelry , in addition to terms from the design style, and the second sector is to see inlaid precious stones in fine jewelry on the rarity and value of warranty.

As the change of nature and human exploitation, natural mineral is unique and to explore natural high quality and card numbers are fewer and fewer opportunities for precious stones, even some have even become extinct gem origin. Therefore, a high-quality rare and precious stones, such as Kashmir sapphire and Burma Ruby, with its historical warranty value is very high. To determine the historical value of a high-level jewelry, we must first determine its nature character and quality of natural gemstone authenticity, so the certificate can be said gemstone jewelry works of the value of a high-level certificate. To determine the true and false antique jewelry, the taste, experience, equipment assistance and certificates proved to be essential things for appreciation jewelry.

3, Process

Each brand has its own traditional and unique design and inlay technology.

For example: Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry creat first for the precious stones inlaid's "secret-style mosaic Act." Unique handmade works of art and the brand's personality and characteristics of a high-level jewelry are essential element for both. In addition to the individual eye-catching style, the luster of the material itself, let the jewelry will play a restrained but elegant jewel sparkling in the sunlight, that is a senior creative jewelry artisans when the primary concern. The perfect hand, flexible changes and careful design are a prerequisite for high-level jewelry creation. An "excellent" senior jewelry works will make any wearer to wear after they show a "beautiful" effect.

4, Art sense

Creative jewelry craft, "beauty" can be said that the conditions for people to pursue.

Creative inspiration usually come from real life. To mimic the form of the real-life bit by bit, such as the nature form of plants and animals, human emotions such as illusion jewelry piece is extraordinary work. Within this total, an "aesthetic" is an important element of creativity. "Better shape quite similar to", a successful jewelry worksshould be able to appreciate the inspiration from the works of the deep source of beauty and charm. The unique qualities of inspiration to expose the way into work, so that the work implies infinite appreciation and artistic value.

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