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Cartier Trinity tri-color jewelry series

In 2009, Cartier Trinity tri-color gold jewelry new series enter in China. With a reverence for history the new series of classics have record the Trinity are active in the jewelry world stage legend of glory and step by step process of approaching. Cartier's third-generation descendant, Louis - Cartier in the history and culture, carefully extract the touch of inspiration, and its turned into a style unique and innovative jewelry - Trinity.

Trinity implied in the legend of colors and precious true inner feelings,once launched, they are competing sought by high society at that time, star celebrities and business elite after. As early as 1925, "Vogue" on the large edition of the American photographer Edward - History of Edward Steichen shot Trinity large film. One of the most versatile artists Jean Cocteau of the twentieth century, Oscar-winner Gary Cooper, a famous British actress Jacqueline Bisset and other celebrities stars are property of their loyal fans. Since then, a simple classic charm is circulation known to the world.

Subsequently, The swept the world's design of Trinity was extended to more Cartier jewelry and watch design. Treasure every one of its elegant and noble temperament, deeply moved by the world's royal family and nobles, and star celebrities. Large number of stars, such as Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes,Anne Hathaway and so on, all with the Trinity to witness the beauty of their love, friendship, and innocence colorful life. In the rich material world, Trinity works seemed to speak of: only with emotion as a link, will you and your wife, family and friends closely linked, one must have love, friendship, loyalty emotional comfort of those touches the soul, life is really full of significance.

In he early twentieth century, the birth of Trinity has become the classic gem in the jewels history. Ring connected, platinum express friendship, gold symbolize loyalty, rose gold interpretation of Love - Trinity simple introverted but intrinsic meaningful design, make it become a classic history of Cartier synonymous with long-lasting, but also as one of the world's most famous rings. After 85 years, Trinity again re-interpretation of classic, played a "Cartier Trinity Year" Overture.

The new Trinity inherited the classical works of aesthetic style, but also for the tri-color ring into more modern and facial emotional connotation of individuality - three-color quietly telling his story: love is excluding pay, life guard responsibility; friendship is life, sharing weal and woe of the commitment; loyalty is the trials and hardships, persistent recourse firm. These three paragraphs are moving melodies of the whole picture of life, but also to record each individual's personality-oriented process of growth.

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