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Dior Alternative Jewelry King and Queen Series

Global unique jewelry designer Victoire from the fantasy kingdom of 10, 10 royal couple in the skilled hand of designers, under the modern re-meet, put on luxury clothes, hand in hand to launch their daring adventure without beam.

"Reines et Rois" series use the skull shape for interpretation

As if new lease of life, King and Queen in the mysterious land set aside the yoke of nobility conferred upon them ,the king had change as an amazing illusion pendants, the Queen had become dazzling ring.

Inspired by Baroque for the bright, gorgeous decor

"Reines et Rois" series with skull shape interpretation, inspired by Baroque brilliant, gorgeous decorative style, similar metaphor is intended by skull treasure a good time and remind people to fleeting time marched on. Victoire de Castellane has carefully selected the mysterious and spiritual gems, together with sculptornature's intricate process to create pairs of ornate skull. The rare gem for each has its historical significance and their story: Cat's Eye stone is used in the Middle Ages as a religious holy ornament, jade is the treatment of eye diseases in ancient amulet, jade is said to be useful of the kidney...  

With Skull phase to implied cherish a good time and remind people to fleeting moments gone

In order to make their creative gallop, breaking the cycle of bondage, Victoire de Castellane set a rule for this luxury creation : only works on the use of platinum and diamonds. King and Queen's body hair, crown, fold lapel, necklaces and pendants staggered in refined platinum nets. Make platinum Network need to countless mosaic techniques, which even some studio re-excavated the ancient technology; In addition, they need to collect a lot of diamonds, and a variety of techniques for carving and shaping, combined with translucent and silver , match pearl colorful light.

Diamond and platinum let these stunning royal meet again

Diamond and platinum let these stunning royal meet again, modeling is just like the ghost of "The Spectre" Shakespeare in the play "Hamlet" describes .

"Reines et Rois" series will be display in London, Monaco, the Middle East, Russia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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