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Top 10 Global Brands Bridal Jewelry Great Show (2)

6. Swarovski

One hundred years, Swarovski has reached 2 billion U.S. dollars of assets today, the product always appears in the film, by Nicole Kidman and Ivan McGregor starred in "Moulin Rouge", Audrey Hepburn starred in "Sabrina" and Grace Kelly's "High Society" have the lens Swarovski products.

7. Mikimoto

Japanese Mikimoto, Mr. Mikimoto Kokichi founder of Mikimoto jewelry, who has enjoy the reputation "the King of Pearls " (The Pearl King), in his method of creating an artificial pearl cultivation ancient heritage to 2003, there is full 110 years history. This year MIKIMOTO Jewelry opened its first store in Shanghai,China. To show the endless charm of variety of pearl jewelry to the world . And now available establishment 103 outlets around the world, which is in charge of the fourth-generation descendant of the family Toyohiko Mikimoto. At present, Mr. Ito served as president of the company. Mikimoto jewelry in Shanghai next year will launched new "Diamond Series" products. Mikimoto jewels of classic quality and elegance with the eternal pursuit of perfection, worthy of known as the "The Pearl King."


CHOU DAI FUK, founded in 1929, after that moved to Hong Kong and the formal establishment gold and jewelery company, after 70 years of ups and downs, and gradually laid in the Hong Kong jewelry industry leadership. Nevertheless, the pressure of market competition is still there. In order to search for new breakthroughs and growth points, CHOU DAI FUK in the last century 90 years to enter into the Chinese market and decisively - to set up Wuhan CHOU DAI FUK Jewelery Co., Ltd. as a symbol, formally sounded the horn attack the mainland retail market. In just a few years, CHOU DAI FUK development of nearly 200 the number of branches, becoming a "dark horse" of China's jewelry area, and was named one of China's 500 most valuable brands.

9. Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen is know as silverware, not only silverware, Danish National Museum of Art and the well-known Nordic directors Bilie August that won the Academy Award are involved. It can be described as heavyweight elite best. Combine the arts and fashion, it has become frequent in recent years very good thing, however, Georg Jensen has always been not use fashion as the brand, classic is the appropriate adjective, Georg Jensen in this points attack was not unexpected: advertised 100% hand-built, it will take "Moonlight, Denmark Summer Night Light, hazy dusk ... "to describe the silver sheen of the brands, each piece is rich in cultural and sculpture reveal physical beauty, appreciation of art, it does not have to spend re-financing, let the people enter into the museum to enjoy different outlook Georg Jensen, it is the original good intentions.

10. Pomellato

Pomellato Jewelry was from Italy, swept the world, even the big stars were all wearing Pomellato various jewelry, leaving a permanent shadows. And Pomellato Jewelry frequent participation in and organize international charitable activities, but also expanded Pomellato's reputation. Pomellato completely abandoned the old tradition that fine jewelry using only expensive materials in the past , extensive use colorful colored gemstones, and stressed the convex. Bright red garnet, crystal clear yellow drill, sedate lapis lazuli, lively amethyst etc,match with variable three-color gold material, so that each jewelry are easy to mix and match with leather or ribbon, it can be combined into leisure, and be a formal dress varied style suitable for modern.

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