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Jolee 2010 spring and summer new eye-catching crystal jewelry

Bling bling crystal is glittering in the lighting to show off eye-catching of the honor, although without the beautiful of diamonds, but it can be seen everywhere in daily life applications in fine crystal, jewelry, clothing and other single goods , dazzling ecstatic shape, glistening appearance to give a new trend. In the New Year's party, in addition to the beautiful dress and hot babes, the stylish eye-catching accessories are also great items to attract people's attention. Compared to expensive custom dress, shiny accessories clever use will improve the overall qualities to achieve the perfect results. Evening wear match with bright accessories is more magnificent.


In addition to crystal's sparkling appearance, also it is beneficial for the human body without any injury, Jolee 2010 new spring and summer jewelry include the blue crystal, white crystal and amethyst. Blue Crystal which can improve the respiratory illnesses, strengthen communication skills, persuasiveness, planning capacity, also it can protect travelers safe. It is including land, water, fire, wind the four elements, with strong treatment, purification, well-informed force, it is the most effective treatment crystal. Amethyst can develop intelligent, stable mood, increased intuitive and help thinking, focused on studying power, increased memory capacity, improve interpersonal relations, giving courage and strength. On behalf of virtuous constancy of love, often as a couple of tokens of love stone. Amethyst in Western countries on behalf of "love stone of the guardian " that can give couples with deep love between husband and wife, chastity, honesty and courage. White crystal have the feature of focus, concentration, memory expansion. It is the complex of all the energy, it is called the king of crystal. It can stable house, invoid evil spirits, to ward off evil, purify the body, remove disease gas, increasingly lucky gas.

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