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Rock 80's high-profile jewelry

Well-known British contemporary artist Damien Hirst held theme of "death tell" exhibition, and it has display many of his works, including the "Skull and Bones" that made of platinum and diamond with the same size and shape of skull. This exhibits use platinum as the main material, it is also inlaid with 8601 diamonds, with the total weight of 1106.18 karats.

"Guns and Roses" is the world-famous rock band, while the guns of the important elements in this rock has surprisingly become an integral part of jewelry design. British jeweler brand Garrard was released this large pistol accessory, the world's limited 4, Victoria Beckham have collect one of them, and it do not know what occasions she would pull out this jewelry gun?

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Dagger necklace / John Galliano It has a high profile with dark Gothic style, filled with gorgeous and worth reflecting on the details - the dagger style is full of personality and medieval aristocratic atmosphere, with great accuracy to reflect the geeks John Galliano personal favorite style.

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Skull cufflinks / Dior Imagine such scenario, a handsome man wearing a shirt with refined cufflinks in front of you, inadvertently, you have found his cufflinks are so rebellious and full of punk-flavored skull ! Cufflinks with his formal and elegant clothing in sharp contrast. This contrast make this man instantly become "interesting" and "taste". Who will resist the inner wonderful and fine appearance men?

Rock Jewelry, Star Demonstration

Taylor Momsen has been taking punk rock route in daily life . Multi-layer necklace with silver gray clothes, so that the level of upper body has become rich, especially the join of skull and crossbones pendant that dotting the overall rock style.

Alessandra Ambrosio use very striking and exaggerated silver cross necklace match with the traditional little black dress, so that the overall mix has become more fashion, more consistent with her own temperament.

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