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The world's top ten beautiful engagement diamond ring

Tiffany's famous jewelry is so splendid, if with a Tiffany diamond engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most warm and wishful thing when get marry.

1. Jean Schlumberger diamond ring

Jean Schlumberger is a top designer jewelry master, the media commented that Jean Schlumberger have enduring imagination and creativity, their work will bring you to the top jewelry design summit and enjoy so attracted beauty of the world. This diamond engagement ring price is about 2.4 million U.S. dollars.

2. Square diamond ring

The large square diamond ring with a strong retro flavor. In the middle of engagement ring is a square big diamonds, around big diamonds with some small diamonds, this design style brings to mind the time of Edward VII diamond ring. The ring cost about 4040 U.S. dollars.

3.Tiffany Setting diamond ring

In the selection of diamond engagement ring, some people do not like the retro style ring. Then take a look at Tiffany Setting diamond ring, this diamond ring's six claw hold up a beautiful inlaid diamonds in the middle, which sells for about 1090 U.S. dollars.

4. Emerald Circle refined platinum diamond ring

This pondering emerald diamond ring is one of the Tiffany Setting diamonds ring. Diamonds with fine workmanship, platinum ring produced, its market price is about 4390 U.S. dollars.

5. Emerald diamond ring Sato

This Emerald diamond center have pondering a well-carved diamond grinding, diamond carved horn can be reflect the beautiful of light, and its market price is about 5750 U.S. dollars.

6. Oval-shaped diamond engagement ring

This is a oval diamond rings under Tiffany brand, when girls wear this diamond rings will like a fairy princess,the market price is about 4390 U.S. dollars.

7. Tiffany three diamond ring

If you are very fond of diamonds, come and take a look at this mosaic of three diamond engagement ring. In the backdrop of this three diamond,the rings were especially dazzling. The ring cost about 4250 U.S. dollars.

8. LUCIDA diamond ring

In modern society, fashion and design simplicity of the high-end jewelry is also subject to young people, this ring that called LUCIDA diamond ring exposed a very simple design and fashion, it sells for 1970 U.S. dollars.

9. Tiffany "Star" diamond ring

The French name "Star" diamond ring designed to be very simple, stylish. Polished diamonds directly embedded in platinum ring, its market price is 1430 U.S. dollars.

10. "Pear-shaped" diamond ring

This diamond ring design is break the tradition, it presents the appearance of a "pear", when girls wear it on your hand, the finger will appear to be more slender, this diamond engagement ring priced at 4390 U.S. dollars.

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