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Why LV film so love lying posture?

"Lying" can inspire desire to purchase? Why Louis Vuitton such love for lying posture?

From an aesthetic point of view, in the prone position of women can show the body's curves perfectly, while the curve is the best line inspired fantasy, no wonder the streamlined design is most admired in industrial. This smooth curve, not only is good enough for men, for women are also kinds of sensory stimulation, and the beautiful in the picture naturally inspired roll-fantasies of women targets in mind. Temptation, who can resist this?

From the physics point of view, lying is a kind of force dispersed, so as to achieve the most comfortable state of the human body ... in other words, this gesture models can present the best working condition. (Of course this is my speculation, in addition to sleep, do not imitation), of course, a good state of the model, followed by another and "beautiful" with the endless tear the relationship, then converted to the aesthetic point of view and then again to promote appetites.

From psychological perspective, lying down is the best way to think. There are tests showed that with the standing or sitting position compared to, when people are lying, they solve problems faster. "The Thinker," seated, so he is still sitting there thinking, but Marc Jacobs, he was lying down, now have 100 million in sales.

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