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Geometrical Jewelry—Rational allure

With irregular geometrical shapes and jagged waterdrops trimming on the rarefied shining diamond. The common externality can’t hide the inherent dazzling bright of the jewelry.You will look more noble and elegant wearing the pair of BVLGARI golden B.zerol earrings.

Here comes the Chow Sang Sang necklace,which is made of sterling silver diamond studs and twisted like couples hand-in-hand.These perpetual markings will be shown on your delicate neck.

Look at the pair of butterfly-shaped or petal-shaped earrings embeded with diamond studs.The butterflies will be both vivid and lively when wearing on your ears.

Tetra petals,which are embeded with pear-shaped diamond, just like hanging on the branch of the pear tree.This HAPPY WINSTON earrings are both luxurious and fashionable, with two separated branches as the pendants respectively.

This BVLGARI golden B.zerol necklace is classic,with chains alternating three coin-shaped rings and golden chains.A golden bore is used to furl the chains and turns them into pendants.Simple but elegant feminity is thoroughly emitted.It goes well with your gowns.

The first time I came across this picture,I thought they were volumetric flasks for chemical use.However,a further lokk really shocks me—they are a pair of earrings. This HARRY WINSTON pear-shaped diamond earrings will make your more glamorous and charming.Each one has two pears-one is small and round,while the other is bigger and more like a pear.

With a big diamond attached in the middle of the rings,this HARRY WINSTON ring is made of sterling steel and genuine diamond.It’s espacially fit for the prom or some private celebrity club.You are surely to be the focus of the crowd with this dazzling ring on your delicate finger.

The last one is CARTIER iris-trimmed necklace,with a bunch of irises,which are clustered together on the silver chains.The reason why it becomes luxurious is that the irises are diamond studs embeded.Wearing it will look like holding a jewelry party and you’re the host!

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