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New Jewelry of Tiffany 2009

To the global diamond authority Tiffany,is an essential part in people’s daily life. As we all know,the evening dresses need the shining diamonds to decorate. In the new desirable diamonds series,including 20 karat diamond-with price up to 6.5million US Dollars;the Tiffany Celebration layer rings, well matching purity with clarity; diamonds decorated butterfly brooch, with design inspiration drawn from the treasure, which is put in the Tiffany museum;earrings of crystal lamp shape;rose cut rings and diamond pandants of Art Deco style. As we see from the diamonds above, can you feel something?Yes,plain and aqua blue will be a new trend in the jewelry industry. Besides,their common place lies in their exaggerated and natural shape. Whether all these means it's time for us to return to the nature?

See 09Tiffany Blue Book luxurious jewelry of maple leaves shape.It seems to lure us into an imagination of wearing it on our neck-how shining and gorgeous we will look. With this elegant jewelry on yourself, you will be more confident and impossible to hide your happiness.

The twin diamonds in round shape can be your decoration for your evening dresses.As the pandants’ straps are also full of diamonds,slim though they are,people will focus on your pretty face and your fine skin beneath your gorgeous evening dress.

Earrings of crystal lamp shape will sway under the light,people will pay attention to the lady who is wear so beautiful earrings.Then you will become the focus of the party because of your shining earrings.

Diamond pandants of Art Deco style will be your another choice for your evening dress decoration.With radiation pattern maple leaves inside,it totally has seven pieces of leaves.However,they will glow and attract eyeballs.

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