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The Palace Wedding Party Jewelry

Key points for a palace wedding party:

1,Handicraft delicate wedding dress

Handicraft wedding dress is essential for a luxurious wedding party.With substantial handicraft embroidery, beading and steric ruffle,your wedding dress can be extant Excellent Art!It’s necessary to apply little trimmings like the classic lace mantilla and gloves etc.,which can create an romantic atmosphere.

It’s common nowadys to make custom-order—find a satisfied designer and discuss again and again to finish their own wedding dress,meanwhile, they can make a groovy and fashionable friend,which will make your wedding full of fun.

2,Delicate and rarefied jewelry

Eternal and meaningful classic work concentrated within famous brand,which is a groovy way to witness your own love oath.The luxurious and elegant bride will choose big jewelry with name and wedding date on it.

3,Plump hair style

The exaggerated and glaring jewelry and wedding graments match plump hair style well.Simple hair style can use mantilla to complement the integrity of the whole style.Hair accessories will make you get bonus point for you whole style.Random long hair style is not modesty and formal enough for a wedding party.

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