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Mysterious Acquamarine Jewelry

Beautiful Legend of the “Mermaid Stone”

According to folk-custom and the legend, the acquamarine on the birthday stone watch arrayed on the International Jewelry Institute was officially named as March’s birthstone. The watch isn’t listed randomly,it concentrates the essence of Chinese and Western culture and realization of the folk-custom culture and the acquamarine.

The name Acquamarine originated from Latin word“Sea Water”,as they found that the color of acquamarine is as blue as the sea water.Therefore,acquamarine was endowed with the quality of water and considered to come from the bottom of the sea. Thereafter, there’s lunatique between acquamarine and “water”.

It’s said that a crowd of mermaids ever lived in the deep sea.They used to wear acquamarine as their accessories,dressing themselves.In the emergency time,they would expose the acquamarine to the sunshine,so that they could obtain mysterious power to help themselves.Thus,the acquamarine has a nickname“mermaid stone”,which foiled with the March’s Pisces perfectly.

The “magic”of acquamarine

Wherever in the east or west,water is considered to be life origin and March is the very time for living creature to be active.Therefore,the watery acquamarine was considered as March’s birthday stone,symbolizing calm,brave and intelligent.It’s commonly thought that wearing acquamarine can have the ability of foreseeing.

For a long time,acquamarine was honored as amulet,especially for those who lived on the sea for years, because of it’s close connection with water.Some of them even thought that the acquamarine can even seize oceanic soul . For centuries,the sailors who spent most of the time at sea,used it as a prayer to pray for the safety of the sailing.Therefore,the acquamarine was also named “Mascot Stone”.

If you watch carefully,you will find that in the movie“Pirates of Caribbean”,most sailors who wore many garish things,will also wore a piece of blue gem stone on their necks.Certainly,the gem stone will differ by the sailors’ different ranks.


Besides praying for safety,the acquamarine is also called “love stone”.In the acient Greek mythology,there’s a Aeolus named Loren,who is handsome but poor.Then he fell in love with a mortal lady,which is forbidden by the celestial beings.He finally sacrificed himself for his loyal love.Loren begged the Angus Venus for storing his soul into the acquamarine,as Mrach’s birthday stone,blessing people pursuing for their own love.Therefore,people in the Mediterranean Country were fond of wearing acquamarine,so that they can have sweet love and happy marriage. What’s more interesting, there’s another saying of love about acquamarine—wearing it is in favor of seitensprung and aventure,which sounds inviting.We have no idea of whether it’s true or not.

In the middle age of European,the craftsman would carve the acquamarine into thin pieces in needed.Fixed in visual holes of a certain device,the nobles can see farther place,which was probably the origin of telescope.Acquamarines with tranquility and cleanest looking would be made into mirrors.Some wizards sticked to that such mirrors can be applied to augury.You must be familiar with the “magic mirror”of the tinpot queen in the story“Snow White”.The “magic mirror” in the same movie was made of acquamarine,from which we can see the western people’s superstition upon acquamarine.

Precious“Luminova Gem Stone”

The acquamarine is totally different from blue gem stone.Acquamarine,emerald and green gem stone all are called Beryl.Acquamarine is generally sky blue or sea blue, with thin layer and transparent hexagonal prism crystal shape.The acquamarine will be more glaring with the light at night.Thus,someone also called it“Luminova Gem Stone”.It’s crisp,easy explosive under high temperature and fire faded.You should keep away from being crashed and avoid the fire.The most famous origin was Brazil,followed by Russia and China.

Acquamarine is habitually called “Blue Crystal”and ranked to be the middle class gem stone in China.However,the price of acquamarine has been raising in recent years.The key factors to decide the value of acquamarine are size and color.There’re not many acquamarine over tens carats in the world.A piece of transquility VCAZ acquamarine crystal with a length of 19 inches and width of 16 inches,weighing 243 pounds was found in Brazil in the early 20th century,which was the biggest acquamarine ever found.Knowing about it,people surged for purchasing.Finally,it was bought by a German at a orice of 10 thousand mark.

According to the medical professors,the water dipped with acquamarine can heal eye disease and hiccup.It also has a certain curative effect upon respiratory sensitive,teeth disease and skin problem.Such a beautiful and magic thing is really the nature’s bestow upon human beings. 

With the development of science,people have deep trust on the saying that birthday stone can avoid evils and bring fortune。However,as a cutural precipitation and good desire,the custom of wearing birthday stone will circulate from generation to generation.

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