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Gift for Valentine's Day

The first series are two golden necklaces-one with a round pendant and the other has a squared pendant,both of which have a diamond stud enxlosed in the golden rings attached on the pendants.The round one represents females,while the squared one is for males.

With golden beads as the necklace,they look elegant and fashionable for young couples.The second series are made of sterling silver,which look more luxurious and shining,with a floral pendants,or we say transformative crosses.Both of the two are of the same style.Having the same style or owning female and male symbol pendants is often the idea of couple gifts.

This one is total golden with a solid rings as the pendants.Different from the first one,the pendants have skeleton patterns alternative with diamond studs.A diamond band is lying at the center of the rings.The bigger one is for male,while the smaller one is for female.

The next one comes to sleek silver bands with blue diamond studs as the pendants.Simple as they are,they represent the pure and loyal romance.If you are looking for something special,this necklace will be your choice.

Next followed by a pair of silver gifts.The male’s one has skeleton letter “O”s within the squared pendant.“Remember me”characters,which has spelled out the inner voices of the couples,are engraved on the edges of the pendants. The other one is concavo-convex,which implicts means the elegant ladies.Besides,there’re skeleton “O”s within the round ring.

With a pocket watch respectively,this pair is more practical and also has a further meaning of memorizing and rememer the romantic moments with your lover.Both of them have five diamond studs and so do the watch markers.The one with pink dial is for female,while the blue one is for male.

Embossed with the word“Forever”on the pendants,this pair is unique because of the feminine heart-shaped pendant is engraved from the squared male one,which has a heart shape in the center,meaning “you are in my heart forever”,so sweet and romantic,isn’t it?

The last pair has silver cross as the pendant,one is solid and the other skeleton.The solid one has a silver diamond stud to fix the cross.

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