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Swarovski launch The Lovlots' fifth generation new member

Bright colorful and interesting eccentric "The Lovlots" statue, since its inception in 2006 has swept the globe. The fifth-generation member are from the animal kingdom composed of 11 kinds of animals, including hedgehogs, rabbits and ducks, and limited edition 2010 product Woodpecker "Ziggy" abosuletly. The rich and colorful lovely role,which has now become "Lovlots City" new residents. Exquisite and beautiful imitation cut crystal, which bring flashing light and poetic beauty to these magnificent charming small animals.

Lovely charming new statue series "Happy Duck" will debut in 2010. "Happy Duck" have fashion design, looks attractive,and providing seven different shapes and three kinds of size to selective, people would like to appropriation them all. Graceful, happy pleasant expression imitation crystal ducks, people can not help to smile. "Sweet Alicia" and "Cheerful Zoe", the former showing an elegant purple tone, while the latter bloom light blue charm. The "Jolly Jay" that made by cutting in blue imitation crystal, and the intoxicating beauty "Happy Chloé", which are all jewelry lovers; both wearing a crystal imitation pearl necklace decorated with a heart-shaped pendant . Sophisticated chic purple imitation crystal duck "Lovable Lila", with her friends,which use detailed and elegant protein color imitation crystal "Lucky Lee", at any time they are inseparable.

Let us introduce you to the leaders of this group of carefree duck - flashing eye-catching,and full of summer flavor of the bright yellow imitation crystal duck "Sunny Sam". He has decorated with sun glasses and interesting life buoy, which is Prince pool!

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